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We created Solemates to save your shoes, but we've learned from our
customers that we've saved weddings, graduations, proms, interviews, first dates,
tv broadcasts, film sets, live performances, connecting flights, and even egos.
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"Solemates were the guests' favorites part of the wedding...should I be offended or flattered?"

Heather G
Providence RI

"The moment I put them on, I was like, omg, Solemates really work..."

Laura Streifert
Paoli, PA

"I used a Solemate on one shoe but not on the other; to test it out. Crazy - they work so well! Thank you, ladies!"

Adrienne West
Caldwell, NJ

"These work so well, I was blown away. I worship mine and am always being asked where people can get them!"

Michele Kohl
Denver, CO

"Solemates are the perfect solution for an outdoor wedding and reception."

Colleen Ball
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Do Solemates really work? Yes. They work so well that I'm seriously annoyed I didn't think of this product."

Nancy Hammond
Preston, WA

"Solemates saved the day! Thank you!"

Victoria Byrne
Old Greenwich, CT

"Everyone loved their Solemates; my girl friends were happy because their shoes stayed perfect and our husbands were happy because no one was complaining about ruining their shoes in the grass"

Ellie Gold
Brentwood, CA

"You saved my Jimmy Choos! I could walk normally on grass. It is the greatest invention."

Jane Johnson
Washington, D.C.

""Pashminas, Check; Handkerchiefs, Check, Heel Protectors by Solemates, Check"

Cassandra Snyder
Event Planner