Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

We've received this question so many times over the years and recently had the opportunity to get feedback from some shoe experts who set the record straight.

Are expensive shoes worth the investment? 

According to Meghan Blalock  from Who What Wear they are totally worth it for the following reasons:

1. Comfort.

"While stilettos are rarely (if ever) comfortable, any designer brand is likely to be more comfortable because the construction quality is so high and the quality of the leather is too."

2. Stability.

"What’s truly amazing about a well-crafted stiletto is that it makes you feel like you’re not walking on a stabby rod of metal, when in fact you are. While most stilettos I’ve owned have mostly resulted in me wobbling around like a maniac, this more expensive pair somehow makes me feel like I can walk like a normal human being in them. Unlike with shoes that are more cheaply constructed, I don’t feel like I’m tempting fate with each and every step."

3. They magically withdraw compliments from others!

"As much as I don’t want to believe it’s true, expensive shoes just look better. If you buy a good pair of expensive heels, they tend to look expensive, which just equates to looking sleek, well-made, and stylish."

Lauren Arkin-Malacsina, owner of LA Boudoir Vintage Boutique in Miami, also adds the following reasons:

4. Resale Value.

"High end shoes are typically made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Many brands like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin would not be around if they made poor quality shoes. Those brands and many others have such high resale value because of their quality and design aesthetic."

5. Greener.

When you invest in a high quality pair of shoes, they will likely last much longer than shoes made with cheaper materials. "To help be a conscious consumer and to help our world be greener, look beyond the first look and more into the materials being used. Your next shoe purchase can help our world be one step closer to a greener earth."

Lastly, if you are going to invest in more expensive shoes, Arkin-Malacsina shares the following best practices for keeping them in top form:

  • Keep them in a dust bag or get one if they don’t come with one. (We sell one here).
  • Wear the appropriate shoes for the right occasion.
  • Try and keep them away from things that could damage them like pets or babies.
  • Once you take the shoes off, wipe them clean especially heels so it helps preserve them.
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