You’ll Never Believe What Turns Some Women On (Hint: Shoes)

SJP with heels

Shoes. They really are the greatest aren't they? In fact, a new study found that one in five girlfriends is more turned on by her shoes than by their boyfriend's moves in bed. Husbands fare slightly better– only one in six of their wives prefer footwear to sex.

Turns out Carrie Bradshaw was right. Shoes really are a girl's best friend. And apparently a lot more.

carry bradshaw

According to this poll from women admitted they’ve lied to their significant other about how much their shoes cost. And one in four women also said they would never take off their heels no matter how much they hurt, not even if they were bleeding, bruised, worried a toe had fallen off and had to walk miles. Those darn shoes are staying on because damn they look pretty. 

The survey also found that 50% of women admitted to judging others based on their shoe choices, and of those, half said the judgment wasn’t good.


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