Will We All Be Wearing Furry Shoes This Fall?

Fur Accessoried Heels

Get ready to sport some fur this fall but it won't be on a coat or a hat or even your Ugg Boots. Fur accesorized sandals were all the rage at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015.

Gucci had some awesome fur pom-poms (see above) going on and designers Dean and Dan Caten showed off their stilettos featuring traditional beading, fur touches and tassels inspired by mukluks and moccassins. You have to admit the Gucci ones are kind of cute!  

Gucci Heels at New York Fashion Week

Though the pair Gucci debuted at New York Fashion Week seriously looked like aliens. Seriously cavemen had cuter shoes than these. 

Furry Shoes Runway

But don't worry if fur on your shoes isn't exactly your style. Dolce & Gabbana added delicate rose buds to their sandals if that's more your taste! 

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