When is the Best Time to Buy Shoes?

According to our research, the best time to buy shoes depends on what type of shoe you’re buying. High heels, sandals, and sneakers can be a steal depending on the time of year you’re buying.

Colorful Running Shoes

Running Shoes
The best time to buy running shoes is spring. Especially during April or May when stores are getting rid of their winter gear and trying to lure customers in with lower prices on outdoor apparel.  It's worth noting some sites also recommend searching for sneakers in November when stores want to make room for winter boots.

Yellow High Heel

High Heels
As a group, high heels encompass all seasons. You have booties in the winter, wedges in the spring, pumps in the summer, high heeled boots in the fall, and really, a neutral stiletto can be worn just about anytime of year. So when looking for high heels, buy according to season.

Brown Sandals

If you’re looking to save money on sandals, March is your month. According to RealSimple, March is when the first markdown on sandals happens. That may seem early to you, but keep in mind stores start putting sandals out in January.  It’s also important to note that while sandals keep getting marked down as spring goes on, by the time summer begins you’ll be picking through what’s on clearance. So if you have your eye on a particular sandal, it's best to get it in March when it’s still available.

Leather Boots
Offseason is the best time to buy boots.  We know it seems counterintuitive to be searching for boots while it’s warm outside, but it actually makes the most sale sense. So start looking for winter boots beginning in spring and going through summer as the prices will be marked down as the seasons go along. As Broke & Chic points out, a great place to visit for huge winter boot markdowns is Nordstrom.

Best Time of the Week and Day to Buy Shoes
While we’ve looked at the best time of year to buy shoes, it turns out there is also a best time of the week and even day to buy shoes. According to online retail tracker Shopittome.com, the best time to buy shoes is on a Wednesday when shoppers can save up to 40% on shoes. And if you’re going into a store, the best time to buy shoes is the late afternoon when your feet are most likely to be their largest (because you’ve been on them all day). Lastly, it's worth calling your local retailer to find their specific sale schedule (note: certain stores start markdowns at the end of the week and others starting mid-week).

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