What to Wear to a Steeplechase

The horse racing season has already begun and that means an excuse to go shopping! Horse racing events are the perfect event to show off your style and personality. Here are some tips to keep you stylish and ready to win!

Fun Dresses



The style of dresses for a horse race usually are straight fitting and end at the knee. This style ensures comfort and keeps you cool for long days out in the heat. Make sure to pick a fun pattern or color to start the summer off right. Check out Lilly Pulitzer or Lauren James for super cute styles!

The Perfect Shoe


You’ll see many women wearing strappy heals to go perfectly with their race outfits. Be sure to choose a classy pair of heels that won’t take too much focus away from your dress. Don’t forget to add your High Heelers! These will allow to walk on uneven surfaces and grass with ease.

The Hat


The hat you wear is the most important and fun part of any steeplechase outfit! There are endless options and colors to choose from, but be sure to coordinate it to your entire outfit. Stick with a larger hat if you’re taller and a smaller one if you’re on the shorter size. This will ensure it stays in proportion to your body.

For the Guys



It’s time to leave your khakis at home break out your colored shirts, ties and pants! A steeplechase is the perfect place to incorporate bright colors and patterns into your outfit, especially ties and bowties. Check out some unique styles at The Tie Bar.


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