What to Wear to a Country Wedding

Country, or rustic theme weddings are a really big as far as wedding trends go.  Nothing better than a beautiful cozy wedding surrounded by mother nature and away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and suburbs.  But what to wear?  Many brides, grooms and wedding guests are really stumped when it comes to this.  When attending a country wedding you don't want to be too modern or fancy, but you also don't want to be causal either!  

To help you out we've created some guidelines for both the wedding party and the guests for what to wear to a country wedding: 


1. Ditch the black.  

In nature, you won't find a lot of environmental elements that are pitch black.  For that reason it's not popular color choice at country weddings for both the bride, groom and guests.  Stick to neutral colors that embrace cool blues and warm browns.  

2. Gingham.  

Gingham is a popular pattern choice for country attire.  You can't go wrong with a neutral or soft suit or dress shirt with this popular country pattern.  


3. Denim.

It's perfectly acceptable to wear denim to a country wedding if you are a guest, but it's even more acceptable if you are the bride or groom!  Denim jeans with a vest or blazer is a very popular cowboy dress look, while you may see some beautiful brides actually sporting denim jackets!

4. Ruffles.  

Don't be afraid of them, the bigger the better.  Layers of soft fabric ruffles creates an elegant and rustic look for a beautiful country wedding.

5. Pastels. 

Pastel colors create a gorgeous contrast to the neutral, earthy, country tones, making the a big favorite for wedding attire.   


6. Cowboy Hats.

Guests, grooms and brides alike, don't forget your favorite cowboy hat on this special day!  

7. Rhinestones. 

It may sound cliche, but rhinestones at a country wedding are a great way to add some sparkle and glam to your favorite look.  

8. Lace

Always elegant at a country wedding, dresses with beautiful lace accents are perfect for your next rustic wedding.  Dresses for country weddings also tend to be on the shorter side with a lot of movement and flow (as opposed to being tight or slim fitted), like the grass over the plains! 

9. Cowboy Boots.  

No country wedding could be complete without his and her cowboy boots!  Brides have decorated them with rhinestones, lace and beautiful splashes of color to create gorgeous accents to their off-white wedding dresses.  


  • Jeffery Pope

    Where to fine tht sport jacket in the pictures,

  • Leah

    I am trying to find out where to buy the dress you have in this post. The shorts beige one that the blonde girl is wearing.

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