#WellHeeled Wednesday with Megan McQueen

Heels and Buff

Hey, y'all! If you can't already tell, I am beyond ready to break out my fall shoes. Okay, maybe the Kate Spade's aren't necessarily fall, but hey, can you blame me for stretching them into next season?

I am beyond honored to be writing this week's #WellHeeled Wednesday post for SoleMates, as I'm happily OCD over keeping my shoes shiny, but most of all, breathing longer life into the investment pieces I purchase. I want to wear these booties for many Fall seasons to come without panicking over ruining them everytime I feel raindrops. 

Southern Belle Slippers Protect and Boots

Anywho, I will hush now and let y'all get to shopping. Follow the linksbelow to shop the products above!

Kate Spade Heels

SoleMates Buffing Product

Southern Belle Loafers (C. Wonder, sold out)

SoleMates Protectant Spray

Tory Burch Booties

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