#WellHeeled Wednesday: Staying Sole Savvy During Pregnancy [with Blogger Megan Fowler]

For me, shoes have always made an outfit. When you find that absolutely perfect pair everything seems to come together and you can walk tall knowing that you feel like a million dollars. I have even found myself planning an entire outfit around just one pair of shoes!

When I first got pregnant I was worried about what shoes I would and would not be able to wear. Owning an already extensive shoe wardrobe I really wanted what I had to be able to work and not have to purchase anything different. Through trial and error I really found five pairs that worked throughout my entire pregnancy. While the shoes that I mention are specific pairs, these silhouettes would be perfect in any style or color so that you could make them work in your wardrobe.

The Wedge

wedge shoes during pregnancy with Blogger Megan Fowler

I love a good wedge because you can really dress up or dress down this style. During my pregnancy, the larger base of the wedge heel really helped to cut down on the pain in my feet and the end of the day and gave me support that I really needed throughout my work day. With multiple styles and colors to choose from, this was also my go-to choice for a night on the town. Even during my pregnancy I loved a good Girls Night Out and this particular style really allowed me to dance the night away!

The Ankle Boot

shoes to wear during pregnancy

At ankle boot is fun style that really can add something special to an outfit. I love how this style can complete the look of a dress or can finish off a pair of jeans. An ankle boot was perfect for me because I was pregnant during the summer. This style gave me a lot of versatility and the flat bottom offered both comfort and support. This style can also be easily supplemented during the colder months for a calf or knee high boot.

The Flat

comfortable shoes for pregnant women

Flats were a lifesaver during my pregnancy. There was not strain on my legs, I had all day comfort and with so many options in my own wardrobe, I wore flats on almost daily basis. The world of flats can offer so much to an outfit. I love the pointed-toe style because it really helps to dress up an outfit and take your look to the next level. Whether it be a dress, pants, or even shorts, a pair of flats can finish off any outfit.

The Peep-Toe Platform

shoes for pregnant women

This is probably my new favorite shoe style. I was surprised how comfortable they were during my pregnancy. The platform heel really offered support and comfort. There was not strain on my foot or in my calves. The peep-toe was perfect to offer a little something special to my outfits and really allowed me the flexibility to dress up or dress down the shoe. This style also comes in a variety of styles and colors. The most important thing to remember with this style is that the wider the platform, the more comfort and support you will receive.

The Sandal

sandals for expecting mothers

My final choice was a no brainer! I was pregnant during the summer so I really only wanted to wear sandals. They allowed for room for my swelling feet, kept me comfortable during the day and were so inexpensive that I could fill my closet with different colors and styles. This particular style even had a cushion built into the sole, giving me extra support.

These were just my favorite styles during my pregnancy. They worked best with my wardrobe and with my daily needs for work and play. The most important thing to remember during pregnancy is trial and error. Try many different styles to see what works best with your pregnancy needs and don’t be afraid to try something new!  Pregnancy is a fun and exciting time and should be reflected in your wardrobe. Don’t let yourself get in a style rut and let your personality shine through!

Like what you read or need more style tips for pregnancy, life or style? Then check out her blog at BeingMrsFowler.com.

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