Wedding Etiquette: How to be a Good Host

The Wedding Hosts

1. Offer Transportation
If you can afford it, having buses or vans available to take your guests to and from the reception is greatly appreciated. This is especially true for guests who have traveled a long way to celebrate your big day and if you don’t have transportation, they’ll have to rent a car just to get to your reception.

2. Provide Dietary Alternatives
Your Aunt Linda is allergic to shellfish and your cousin Shannon cannot have dairy. They both noted this on their RSVP cards, so make sure you have other options available for family and friends who cannot eat the delicious lobster bisque you have planned for the appetizer.

3. Print Itinerary and Map for Wedding
If you have a lot of events planned for your big day, make sure you print out a wedding itinerary for your guests. This way everyone will know exactly where they’re supposed to be and when. If you didn’t include a map with your wedding invitation, this is a good way to include one.

4. Give SOS Wedding Rescue to Bridesmaids
This is such an easy, yet greatly appreciated gift and a way to show your bridesmaids you thought of them.  The Solemates kit includes everything your girls might need on your big day:  high heel protectors, dental floss, Advil, a sewing kit, a nail file and more. 

5. Exit Conversations Politely
Everyone wants to talk to you today! Depending on the size of your wedding, this means that you’ll have to cut your individual conversation time down so you can get a little time to say hello to everyone. Since you’re the bride, you will have a million things going on during your wedding reception--feel free to use them as an excuse to get out of any conversation! Or ask one of your bridesmaids to cut you off after five minutes so you can see and talk to everyone.

6. Take Time for Yourself
Although you want to make your guests as comfortable as possible, today really is about you and your new husband. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and find five minutes of quiet to get centered. Your guests, and of course your new partner for life, will appreciate how calm you are despite all that’s going on.

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