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5 reasons we want you to take a walk today. 5 Reasons to take a walk. Blister prevention.

The world feels upside down. The stress is palpable, the uncertainty is exhausting.  With so many working so hard to navigate us through the public health and economic crisis, the vast majority of the nation has been asked to do one thing: stay home. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Hardly.

Working from home, school from a computer, meetings via choppy internet connections. It's hard. On everyone. We've been told to meditate, to read, to binge watch documentaries about tiger kings?  

We keep hearing that we're all in this together; alone.  All of this sitting, all of this screen time (forced and recreational) has lead to one thing: the need to move our bodies.  Take a long walk has NEVER been more important.   

We've scoured experts and narrowed it down to these 5 reasons why we really want you to go take a walk:

5. Walking reduces stress.  The simple act of moving pushes the stress hormone cortisol through the body, allowing it to be released and your worries to decrease.  

4. Walking increases concentration.  Studies have shown that students who walk to school perform better than those who take transportation.  Taking a walk gives your brain a chance to take a break from focusing on the task at hand; its like a long exhale vs the constant inhale of focusing on work, family, finance and friends.

3. Walking is free.  While we're all for the work out apps and community building digital communities found on our phones and tablets; there is a strong argument to be made about taking advantage of the resources that are at hand.  Health experts say that ever $1 spent on preventative care saves you $2.71 in medical care down the road.  Think of every walk as double savings or a net gain!

2. Brain Drain.  I don't know about you, but I've been struggling with extreme brain fog or brain drain. I am having a hard time recall things I know I should know (including some of the street names I see everyday on my own walk).  Ironically, walking helps to clear brain drain. Walking through a beautiful area (defined by you) helps your brain to relax and take in its surroundings.  I like to think that it clears the pipes upstairs so you can focus when you need to.

1. Happy.  Walking makes you happier.  Studies have shown that a brisk 30 minute walk may be just as effective of relieving the symptoms of depression as some anti-depressant medications.  Does 30 minutes seem unrealistic? How about 3-10 minute walks? Good news - they have the same positive effect.  Even 2 of them. 

Get walking, breathing, mind clearing, mind sharpening, health restoring, money saving, and happy yielding.  We're here for you and with you (literally). 

5 Reasons to take a Walk. Blister Prevention



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  • Jean

    Walking 3km per day. It’s a great way to start my day.

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