Top 5 Reasons to Watch Solemates on Shark Tank

Top 5 Reasons to watch Shark Tank this Friday, October 14th:

5. Hands down, you’ll get to watch one of the most entertaining SharkTank episodes of all time.  
A sophisticated, yet all out girl-fight for a deal, in perfect high heels and lovely black dresses.  Claws, hair, tears, blood… You won’t want to miss this!  

4. Maybe you’ll get to see Marc Cuban and Mr. Wonderful wearing stilettos.  
You won’t be able to “un-see” this episode!  It’s truly a vision to behold… enough said.  

3. You’ll get to play the Solemates SharkTank drinking game.  Every time someone says, “Goldman Sachs”, you drink.  
Fill your cup and be prepared for a real power hour.  We bring it on camera to make sure these Sharks don’t pass up making a deal with us! 

2. You’ll get to learn the origin of Solemates, the most ingenious, must-have, women’s fashion fix-it for high heels invented.
Yes!  Solemates High Heelers are so amazing, you’ll wonder how you ever wore or walked in high heels all these years without them!   

1. You’ll not only get to watch the excitement as Becca and Monica, investment professionals turned entrepreneurs, fight the Sharks “head-to-head” or rather, “heel-to-heel” in pitching their million dollar business, you’ll get to talk to them LIVE on TWITTER during the show!

Chat live with Solemates founders Monica & Becca during and after the show @thesolemates on Twitter!   Ask questions and interact while you watch these two savvy wall street women dive head first into the SharkTank to fight for a once-in-a-lifetime offer by putting every one of the Sharks in their own shoes (or heels), literally.    

Make sure to tune into ABC Friday night at 9:00pm EST to help cheer us on!  For more info see here.
Check us out on Facebook and tune in to @thesolemates on Twitter to talk to Solemates live during and after the show! 

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