Top 10 Things to Include in a Wedding Gift Bag

Wedding Tote Bag

Tote Bags
When you use tote bags, the gift bags themselves can become mementos from your wedding. Depending on your budget, you can go all out and get monogramed, high-end canvas tote bags, but we have found that customized, inexpensive tote bags work just as well.

Water Bottles
Not everyone is a fan of hotel tap water, but everyone coming to your wedding will need water at some point. So, why not put two water bottles in each gift bag? With 24 bottles going for less than ten dollars, it’s a great gift bag filler.

Guidebook of the Area
This is especially helpful if you’re having a destination wedding.  Your guests will appreciate that you’re giving them an overview of the area so they don’t just end up in the hotel the entire time.

Wedding Itinerary
Let’s face it, not everyone is going to bring your invitation to remind them what time they need to get to the church. So a wedding itinerary is an inexpensive way to remind everyone of when and where they will need to be.

Cookies, crackers, and even popcorn have been in some of the wedding gift bags we have gotten. And as anyone that has ever attended a wedding (so basically everyone) knows, snacks in all forms are appreciated.

Including single packets of Advil or Motrin will help your guests with hangovers they might be feeling the morning after the reception.

Handwritten Note
A handwritten note is always appreciated. Of course, if you have a hundred people coming, maybe only write personalized notes to your closest family and friends.

Breath Mints
Who doesn’t need a breath mint? Especially when your guests are going to be meeting and talking to each other, help them break the ice with good breath.

Whether for fixing eye makeup or for wiping away tears during your ceremony, tissues are an excellent item to add.

Solemates High Heeler
High Heelers are the perfect gift to include in your wedding gift bag. This is especially true if you’re giving these gift bags to your wedding party, your bridesmaids will thank you.

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