Tis The Season To Celebrate Pink!

We tend to associate the color pink with the month of February by luckily this year we are going to see a lot more pink at weddings as well. Pink, believe it or not, is the new color for wedding dresses. But don't freak out immediately. It's not like neon pink or fuscia or anything (unless that's your thing and in that case, rock on!), but the new trend is more of a blush pink as seen on this gorgeous Vera Wang one pictured below. 

pink wedding dress

Connie Wang, the Global Editor at Refinery 29, wrote, "Not into white? You're in luck — pink is a huge trend these days, and a blush-hued dress on your wedding day is one of the few times when you can wear pink and feel automatically subversive!"

blush wedding dress

Who says you have to white? Okay, most traditional books do but if you want to do something pink may be the way to go as it is not as shocking as black or almost any color. And hey, you will be right in line with quite a few celebrities. Some famous ladies that have rocked the pink trend include Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani and most recently Kaley Cuoco. 

pink dress

pink wedding dress

Gwen stefani wedding dress

pink dress

But why stop at the dress? What about a pink wedding theme? 

pink wedding theme


And a pink cake!

pink cake

Heck, forget the wedding, just make this for Valentine's Day!

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