This May Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Bridesmaids

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This is the best thing that may have ever happened to Bridesmaids (after the movie "Bridesmaids".)

Good news bridesmaids with horrible dresses (so roughly 98% of the female population.) Someone is actually trying to help you out! Gone are the days of shelling out a ton of dough for a dress you will not, in fact, shorten and wear to a cocktail party (has anyone actually done that? And if you have, props to you!)

"Let's be honest, women really don't wear bridesmaids dresses again," Kelsey Doorey told USA Today. Doorey's ecommerce company, Vow to Be Chic, launched last year and rents $500 designer bridesmaid's dresses for as little as $95. 

The bride picks out the dress for her wedding party and then the gals can peruse the merchandise and order it. And then comes the magic party: they get to send it back! 

"There are all these options now that are shared economy, green and ecofriendly," says Doorey.

And if your bride chooses not to use one of these services and you don't think you will get any use out of that dress again try or get online and look up a local group who is helping to outfit girls in your community for homecoming and prom. Remember, one woman's bridesmaid dress is another woman's ballgown. 

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