The Perfect Secret Santa Gifts for Women, Girlfriends or Female Coworkers!

The Perfect Secret Santa Gifts for Women, Girlfriends or Female Coworkers!



The secret about Secret Santa is that people tend to both love and hate it!  While participating in Secret Santa gift giving between your girlfriends, family, or coworkers can be a lot of fun, it can also be very stressful to find the perfect Secret Santa gift within the budget allowed that every woman can and will appreciate.  

Small budgets can make it very difficult to find a lovely and universal gift that will appeal to any female, while not knowing the interests of the person who may actually be choosing your gift out of the Secret Santa swap can be very stressful and frustrating.  Sometimes you get lucky and can think of or find a great gift while wandering the malls during your holiday shopping, but most times you’ll struggle to find the perfect Santa gift that won’t leave the recipient secretly wishing they’d gotten something else!  So before you go brave the mall to do your Secret Santa Shopping, check out our women’s holiday gift guide, full of lovely and practical gifts every woman not only needs, but will definitely love!   

Secret Santa Gift Budget ($10-12)

Solemates High Heeler ($12): The perfect Secret Santa gift, Solemates High Heelers are heel caps that go directly on the heel tip of your shoe to increase it’s surface area and provide additional stability while walking, to prevent your heels from damage.  This includes sinking into grass, sand, mud, and gravel, while preventing heels from getting stuck or scratched in gaps, cracks and holes in pavement, boardwalks, streets and other uneven surfaces.    

Secret Santa Gift Budget: ($25) 

Need something a little extra?  Add one of the gifts below to our single pack of Solemates High Heelers to make the perfect “pair” of shoe care gifts for your Secret Santa!

Blister Blocker ($12): An amazing anti-friction balm to help your girlfriends or co-workers avoid chaffing, rubs and blisters in their favorite pair of heels, boots, flats or sandals. 


Solemates Shoe Essentials ($10): The perfect Solemate gift addition and shoe/foot care gift all in one in our Solemates Shoe Essentials.  Each set contains one pair of the following:

  • Anti Skid Pads: provides traction for the underside of the shoe.
  • Ball of Foot Cushions: pamers tired feet with extra cushioning
  • Heel Cushions: Protective support for the back of the heel (reduces shoe to heel friction).


Shoe Buff: ($10): A handy dry sponge that wipes away stains and scuffs on leather and provides a quick and easy shine.  Can be used on shoes, handbags and even leather coats!

Leather Protector ($10): A wonderful spray that protects leather against water, snow, salt and stains.  It preserves shoes and other leather items and keeps them looking as good as new!  Safe for use on suede and fabric as well.

Secret Santa Gift Budget: ($30-35) 

Solemates Complete Collection: ($30) You can’t go wrong with this ladies’ Secret Santa gift assortment!  With 4 color styles to choose from, you’ll be giving your Secret Santa our full size collection of Solemates High Heelers (narrow, regular, wide) to ensure that they will fit and protect every different sized high heel in your girlfriend or co-worker’s shoe collection! 

secret santa ladies gift

Heel to Toe Collection: ($35) A very practical shoe & foot care kit that includes a shoe bag for travel or storage, Solemate’s all-natural anti-bacterial spray and a blister blocker. 

ladies secret santa gift idea

Secret Santa Gift Budget: ($45-50) 

Solemates Rescue and Shoe Care Sets and Suites: Going all out for your Secret Santa this year?  We’ve got the most adorable and essential assortment of shoe and foot care sets around to choose from, many coming with your choice of stylish tote bag you may have a hard time giving away!

Shoe Care Kits: ($45) Inclues Solemates Anti-Bacterial Spray, All Weather Leather Protector Spray and Anti-scruff Buff and an adorable tote bag to store them in!

Rescue Kits: ($50) Customizable kit comes with an adorable tote bag style of your choice, a pair of Solemates High Heelers in your favorite size and a set of the most essential and useful emergency products designed to come to your rescue in any situation!  


Complete Collection: ($50) Your choice of an adorable tote, a 3 size pack assortment of Solemates in clear and Solemates Anti-Blister Blocker.

Fresh Feet Complete Suite: ($50) Includes Freshen Anti-Bacterial Spray, Blister Blocker and Solemates Complete Collection.

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