Sweeter After Difficulties

The ethos of our brand, from the very beginning, has been anchored in celebrations; weddings, graduations, proms and anytime people came together looking and feeling their best.  We never could have imagined a world in which these rites of passage would be disrupted by an invisible and deadly hand. 


Our thoughts and prayers are with our most vulnerable; those who hear daily news briefings with more stress and trepidation than the rest of us.  


Our gratitude is with the healthcare community; heroes in real time who are sacrificing their everything to keep us healthy and safe. 


And our empathy is with the brides and graduates; your friends and family, your planners, coordinators, and for the entire celebration industry. The good news is that one day you will undoubtedly have your day. It may not be how you imagined it; but I can promise you that it will be all the more rewarding when it occurs. Things will be brighter on the other side.


Dulcius ex asperis translates to "sweeter after difficulties" and for close to 500 years it has been engraved on my family crest (we’re Scottish, not pretentious). Its raw optimism in the face of adversity has never felt more relevant. 


Yes things are uncertain now and life has been disrupted; but the world goes on spinning and better things are on the other side.  We’re so privileged to live in the greatest country on earth and have the best, most dynamic and most innovative healthcare system and the best infrastructure to support it. We’re doing our part by staying home, staying socially distanced and of course, washing our hands.   


We’re eternally grateful to you, our dear customers for continuing to support our small business during these peculiar days and the weeks ahead.  We preemptively moved parts of our warehouse to my home so that I can keep shipping regularly (and stay occupied) and prevent any of our warehouse staff from undue risk. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing the orders come through; the names, the towns, the everything. THANK YOU!


To show our appreciation to you and affirm our hope for tomorrow, we are gifting a bottle of our anti-bacterial spray with every order.   It’s our way of letting you know we are all in this together and want you to stay healthy (and your shoes clean)!  


dulcius ex asperis,


Monica Ferguson


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