Spotlight Series: VEGAS WEDDINGS

A series of posts dedicated to the pillars of the event planning and design world that spotlight talent and creativity.  Below, we discover the secrets to throwing a one of kind wedding in the wedding capital of the world; and note Whitney Cox's advice on the weekends to avoid Viva-ing in Las Vegas.

Please describe your service in 3-5 sentences. 

Vegas Weddings is Las Vegas’ premier wedding chapel, providing upscale and elegant weddings for over 15 years. We operate several beautiful properties, including our signature building in the heart of downtown. Whether it’s an intimate celebration for two or an all-out celebration for 100, couples enjoy an experience that exceeds expectations regardless of budget. Although I have experience in both wedding planning and coordination, I currently work with our marketing team, working with all our departments to achieve marketing and sales goals.

Favorite flower (to work with):  Even though I appreciate the messy, boho bouquet trend, at the end of the day, I prefer the neat and classic look of a rose bouquet.

Complete this sentence.  A wedding can never have too many_cool photo opps. (Solemates' love this)

Best describe your style:

Our chapel has a few different specialties because we cater to couples from all over the world. My two favorite places we perform weddings are vastly different. I love our drive-thru weddings because we get really creative couples doing fun things, like a motorcycle or Lamborghini wedding, but I also enjoy our Valley of Fire weddings where couples can get married among unique geological formations in the desert. As a Las Vegas local, I feel that the beauty of the desert often goes unnoticed, so I love it when couples appreciate our natural landscape.

What trend are you happy to see in the past? What trend are you excited about? 

I’m not a huge fan of the dry look of pampas grass, so I’m happy to see we’re moving on from that aesthetic. I’m excited about the trend towards total personalization, meaning couples are really thinking about what their favorite things are, whether it’s their shared hobbies, interests, or favorite movies, and incorporating that into their wedding. It makes things a lot more interesting for us! Plus, it’s always fun to learn more about our couples.

What (if ever) is the most thoughtful or romantic gesture/surprise a client has planned for his/her spouse? 

We recently had a groom who told his bride he was planning a vow renewal for his parents, but surprised the bride with a proposal instead. He was walking down the aisle as the “best man,” but instead of being seated, he proposed under the romantic lights of our Terrace Gazebo. It was such a sweet surprise, and she said yes!

Have you ever had to say no or steer a client away from a crazy ambition?  

The only things I try to steer couples away from are worrying too much about little details that have no impact on their wedding experience and only cause them more stress. (Great answer)

Why should people hire an event planner?  When shouldn’t they? 

Couples should hire an event planner if they want to reduce the stress of planning their wedding. A lot of couples don’t realize how much work, time, and careful thought goes into planning every detail. It’s a lot to fall on one or two people, especially if those people have no experience.  An event planner will have recommendations for vendors and decor, and they can help translate your wedding vision into real life. 

The only time I would say not to hire a wedding planner is if you are planning something incredibly simple with a small guest count and a low budget. Other than that, hire a wedding planner!

Tips of the trade: please provide 3 tips or tricks for each event category:  

  • Outdoor (wedding or any other celebration).  What are 3 things everyone planning an outdoor wedding should consider:
    • For obvious reasons, weather is a big factor to consider when booking your venue if you're thinking about an outdoor wedding or reception.  For example, if you're planning an outdoor ceremony during a Las Vegas summer, choose an early morning or late evening wedding so no one will have to be squinting or sweating out in the sun. If you must do a daytime ceremony, be sure to consider ways you can make it easier on your guests, such as providing hand fans to use during the ceremony, or doing a quick outdoor ceremony, followed by indoor photos. 
  • Indoor (hotel/event space). What are 3 things everyone planning an indoor wedding/event should be mindful of:
    • Accessibility is a big factor to consider if you have elderly or disabled guests. Walk yourself through every aspect of the ceremony as that guest and make sure you have all your bases covered. 
  • Destination (remote).  What are the 3 things everyone planning a destination wedding (in a hard to reach place; ie, not a major city), should consider?
    • One factor to consider is any big events that will be happening around the time of your ceremony in your chosen ceremony location. Your ideal wedding date might seem perfect for your schedule, but you and your guests could have trouble finding affordable rooms, flights, or local transportation if there's a major music festival or business conference happening in the same city as your venue, for example. It's definitely worth it to look at a local calendar of events and check hotel and flight prices in advance, as higher than average prices could make some of your guests unwilling or unable to attend. As an example, we have a marathon that occurs once a year in Las Vegas, during which they close down the entire Las Vegas strip. In addition to the traffic that occurs, this marathon also hikes up prices on hotels and flights, making it less than ideal for a wedding weekend.

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