A series of posts dedicated to the pillars of the event design world that spotlight talent and creativity.  Today we focus on Lprestigiousevents, a full-service wedding and event planning company that acts more like a reliable, organized, and creative best friend than it does a paid for service.  Read on to discover some of their best tricks and tips! 

Please describe your service in 3-5 sentences. 

Lprestigiousevents LLC is a full-service wedding and event planning company. I have successfully begun to grow the brand, and I pride myself on the ability to design memorable events. Networking with creatives in the business has been key to my learning and growing professionally. Lprestigiousevents will be fully certified by the Lovegevity Wedding and Event Planning course in early 2020. Also, the company has joined both The Knot and WeddingWire to offer a variety of services to engaged couples seeking an expert in the field. 

Favorite flower (to work with): 

I would choose roses mainly due to its overall beauty. The secondary reason is the variation of colors and the great smell they give a room. Guest always remember what they observed, felt, heard and most importantly smelled at any event.

Complete this sentence.  A wedding can never have too many eye-catching details.

Champagne: Rose is my all time favorite champagne  

What (if ever) is the most thoughtful or romantic gesture/surprise a client has planned for his/her spouse? 

Leave a trail of scavenger hunt clues and gifts leading up to a grown and sexy night of fun and romance. 

Why should people hire an event planner? 

Hiring an event planner helps you to have a thinking partner and executionist. It does not take from your part in planning. As your special day approaches, things will become stressful and overwhelming at times. It is refreshing to know that you can call, email or meet with someone who is invested in your celebration. On the big day, you will be able to enjoy this grand moment, friends and family.

When shouldn’t they? 

Having family and friends step up and take on crucial roles supporting for the duration of planning will help you through the process.

If you have people in your circle that has a specific skill set, knows a few vendors that can be gifted to you, go for it.

Self Aggrandizing Bonus question:

When planning an outdoor wedding, how often do clients comment on the challenge of wearing heels in grass?

Wearing heels, we all know is like the biggest pain. As women we want to wear our high heels with stiletto or 6 inch heels. Nature does not understand that our walking to a ceremony or reception on top of grass requires support.

Do you suggest Solemates Heel Protectors? 

Absolutely, Solemate Heel Protectors are ideal. They allow you to remain comfortable, balanced while still fashionable.

Tips of the trade: please provide 3 tips or tricks for each event category:  We might use this content in other pieces as well (with credit to you). Feel free to answer as many or as few as you’d like.

  • Indoor (hotel/event space). What are 3 things everyone planning an indoor wedding/event should be mindful of:

Rating of the venue on cleanliness and professionalism

The level of ambiance felt upon entry to venue ie. lighting, valet parking

  • Destination (remote).  What are the 3 things everyone planning a destination wedding (in a hard to reach place; ie, not a major city), should consider?


Accommodations; ie.elderly guest, physical limitations

Ease of travel; transfers for guests to destination (from train & airport)

Favorite quote about celebrating or planning: 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

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