A series of posts dedicated to the pillars of the event planning and design world that spotlight talent and creativity.  Be sure to read from start to finish, noting some of Melisa's clever touches such as how she used "to have and to hold in case you get cold" and other heart-warming stories!

Please describe your service in 3-5 sentences. 

The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc. is a full service event planning company in the greater New York Metro area that can assist with all aspects of the planning process to ensure that the whole experience is stress free and enjoyable. Melisa Imberman, President of The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc. gives personalized attention to each client to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. Working closely with her clients, Melisa and her staff will help create a party that reflects the couple’s personalities, lifestyles and dreams.

As a full service event planning company, we can handle every detail from the invitations through the planning and execution of your event. Extremely detailed oriented, we work with our clients to build each event from the ground up. We have extensive resources and years of experience that will we draw upon to customize each party from beginning to end.

Favorite flower (to work with): It’s not about me or my favorite flower, it’s all about what my bride likes and executing her vision.

Complete this sentence.  A wedding can never have too many personal touches.

Champagne: Rose or Classic. I’d say classic, unless the colors of the wedding are Blush then perhaps Rose.

What trend are you happy to see in the past? What trend are you excited about? I’m more about personalizing my events rather than being a slave to what’s trending. However, I'm always up on current trends & incorporate them when appropriate. I will be happy when the “Instagramable” moment trend is in the past. I’d love for my brides to take the in & enjoy rather than focus on what they can post. I’m looking forward to event incorporating my “Green” aspects, such as locally sourced food & flowers.

What (if ever) is the most thoughtful or romantic gesture/surprise a client has planned for his/her spouse? One couple was getting married on the groom’s bday bc that was the only day the venue they wanted was available in the season they wanted, so we hired a singing telegram to surprise the groom & sing happy birthday to him so that his bday was not overlooked. Another groom was distraught that he forgot the gift he bought his bride, so I suggested he write her a note. What made the note even more special is that I took the bride’s shoes when she wasn’t looking & he wrote it the bottom of her shoes (& I had the photographer take a photo of them).

Self-aggrandizing bonus question: When planning an outdoor wedding, how often do clients comment on the challenge of wearing heels in grass? It rarely occurs to most people, but that’s why they have remind them about what they’ve forgotten. Do you suggest Solemates Heel Protectors? I do!

Tips of the trade:

Outdoor (wedding or any other celebration).  What are 3 things everyone planning an outdoor wedding should consider:

  • For a Winter wedding: I try to convince my couples to take at least a few photos outside even/especially if it’s snowing. I give me bride insulated tights to put under her gown & give the bride & groom feet warming insoles to put in their shoes. I recommend that my brides get a faux fur wrap & I pin hand warmers to the inside. Even if the bride & groom can only last outside for a few minutes, those photos are usually amongst my couples favorites.
  • For Fall/Spring outdoor ceremonies: I recommend having wraps available...I recently had a basket of Pashminas with a sign that said “to have & to hold in case you get cold”
  • For Summer weddings: ample fans & air conditioners are key, it’s also nice to offer hand held fans for an outdoor ceremony – I’ve had the programs printed on fans

Indoor (hotel/event space). What are 3 things everyone planning an indoor wedding/event should be mindful of:

  • When a wedding is inside an event space, you want to see everything that’s included so you know what it looks like & so you know what you need to bring in. Look at the; china, carpet, chairs
  • Lighting can totally change a room and can create a mood, so don’t skimp on lighting. While on the subject check the venues power situation so that you don’t blow a fuse.
  • Ask if you’re the only event at the venue at that time. Ask if there is an event before or after you. Ask what time vendors can load in/set up & when they need to be out

At home. What are the 3 things everyone planning a “simple wedding” at home should consider:

  • There really isn’t such a thing as a simple at home wedding bc there are so many factors to be considered when planning even the simplest at home wedding
    • Think about power, you will likely need a generator
    • You will likely need to rent port a potty
    • Consider the weather, make sure you have heaters, fans air conditioners

Favorite quote about celebrating or planning:

"Planning the Perfect Party can take months or Just One Phone Call"


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