SoulCycle x Solemates

Solemates, the female-founded consumer goods footwear solutions brand, is announcing a brand new collaboration with leading spin studio SoulCycle.  Starting December 1, Solemates’ all natural anti-bacterial Deodorizer will be used as the exclusive deodorizer at all SoulCycle studios globally to keep their rental shoes fresh and germ-free!

The Deodorizer leverages natural compounds such as zinc ricinoleate, replacing commonly-used toxins found in other deodorizing products.  The bottle is sourced using recycled materials and poured in a solar powered factory in southern California. Solemates’ line of shoe care products include balms that prevent blisters (Original, Sport, and Kids), all weather protectors, insoles, dry sponges, leather salves, and their new anti-bacterial Deodorizer spray. All formulations are natural, cruelty free, vegan, and free from toxins. 

 “It was important for us to create a product that we felt good about using ourselves," says Solemates co-founder Monica Ferguson.  "Our partnership with SoulCycle is a testament to their own commitment to offering their customers the highest standard of safe, natural wellness products and service."

The Deodorizer is available in a 2oz travel bottle for $10, and 6-oz active size for $20 on and in stores around the world. The product is already a top 10 bestseller at Capezio, the nation’s number one retailer for dance shoes, apparel and accessories.

About SoleMates:

Solemates is a female-founded, female-lead, consumer products brand based in Port Chester, New York.  The company was founded by longtime friends and Columbia University classmates Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown to solve common footwear problems they themselves experienced. Solemates is best known for having invented the patented High Heel Protector and has expanded into shoe care over the last few years.  The company counts Oprah, Carrie Underwood and Demi Lovato as customers. Becca is the former co-captain of the women’s lacrosse team at Harvard University, a 2-time NY Marathon runner, and a competitive cyclist.  Monica is approaching her 800th SoulCycle class. All Solemates products are available for purchase at 

You can check out Solemates Deodorizer here.

Dry Your Shoes/Heels to Prevent Odors 

Dampness caused either by outside moisture, water, or your own sweaty feet is enough to attract bacteria, mold, and fungus that will take up residence in the sole of your heel. Don’t throw wet or damp shoes in the bottom of your closet. Keep them in an area where they can and will dry quickly and air out, including outside on your porch. You can even help certain pairs of shoes by using a cold blow dryer or throwing them in the dryer.

 Practice Personal Hygiene to Prevent Shoe Odor

If bacteria or fungus is causing your shoes to smell, do your best to make sure it doesn’t get into your shoes in the first place by washing your feet regularly. Standing in the shower while the soap runs down to your feet may not be enough to really clear away the dirt and contaminants. Give them a good soaping with an anti-bacterial soap, make sure your toenails and in between your toes are well washed. Dry them with a towel and don’t forget to moisturize to keep them soft and healthy.

 Use Deodorant or Antiperspirant on your Feet

If your feet sweat a lot, use an antiperspirant to help keep the sweating down to a minimum. If your feet tend to smell a lot, you may even want to try using a deodorant to keep the bacteria at bay. Just be sure these products are not adding to your problem.

Clean Dry Socks at All Times

Even though they may look clean, trust us, they’re not. Socks are an article of clothing, in addition to things like undergarments, that you should only wear once before washing. You may get away with wearing a pair of jeans or a shirt several times before throwing it in the wash, but never re-wear worn unwashed socks. Used socks are included in the articles of clothing that are not accepted as donations by charity or clothing drives, and for good reason. They’re a bacteria/fungus playground.  

Also, whenever possible, wear socks while wearing shoes. Not wearing socks, especially in covered shoes like sneakers and boots can contribute to bad smells quickly since there is no cotton to wick away the sweat and microorganisms.

Freeze Your Shoes to Kill Smell Causing Bacteria

Something you may not know but can help shoes as a last resort if they outright reek... is to freeze them. That’s right. Put your shoes, or at least your shoe soles, into heavy duty, freezer-size plastic bags and put them in your freezer overnight. This will kill any fungus or bacteria causing the odor.   Not keen on putting your heels in the freezer? Throw them into your car truck for a few days when the weather is extremely cold out. It will have the same effect.

Replace Insoles

Sometimes bacteria and fungus can embed itself into the fibers and pores of your insoles. Consider taking them out and washing them often, or even replacing them.  Solemates' branded insoles which are sold under the the "Shoe Essentials" name are made using a proprietary PediSol technology which is thinner than traditional insoles. Being thinner is an advantage as our insoles do not act like sponges to sweat and bacteria. 

Washing Your Shoes

If your shoes are washable, give them a bath. You can get leather and fabric cleaner to clean up shoes that are not washer friendly, or else, if they’re machine safe, throw them into the washing machine or submerge and hand wash them in a detergent bath. Be sure not to accidentally bleach your shoes, and make sure they are completely dry before reassembling the shoes and wearing them again.

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