Small Business Spotlight: Blue Suede Shoes

As states begin the reopening process, we are heading to Texas to learn more about a one of a kind boutique with a passion for fashion and shoes!

Who are you?

Jo Anne Petro, owner of Blue Suede Shoes & Hot Child in the City.

What is your business?

Blue Suede Shoes is a specialty store for women opened originally in 1997 and resurrected in 2019, for the love of shoes! Once more, Blue Suede Shoes is open in Marble Falls, Texas. Now located inside The Market on H, at 206 Avenue H, the same rich, retail tradition that started long ago is beginning again. From early 1997, through spring of 2007, Blue Suede Shoes was home to dozens of wonderful shoe designs and specialty jewelry and accessories. Today you’ll fall in love again with the tried and true brand name shoes you’re sure to remember and those you’ll most certainly enjoy getting to know. Visit soon and visit often to enjoy the experience that is Blue Suede Shoes. We think you’ll be delighted!


Hot Child in the City is a specialty online boutique for women, established in 2016 Hot Child in the City is an online destination for unique and beautiful shoes, jewelry and accessories. Here’s to our inner hot child – our personal source of inspiration! 

Why and when did you start this business?

1997 - 2007; reopened 7/2019

What is your FAVORITE part of your job as a founder/small business?

Hands down our customers!

What is the most DIFFICULT part of your job as a founder/small business owner?

I am so grateful for my business that I think none of it is difficult. I take what comes my way with open arms. All the moving parts, good and bad, are embraced with gratitude and are considered a blessing and an important lesson in life.

What SHOES are you wearing right now (no judgement!)?


What's the best piece of advice you've received as an entrepreneur/business owner?

“If you’re a shoe store; be a shoe store.”

What’s one thing you’ve been doing during this pandemic that has helped you keep moving forward?

The incredible kindness and pulling together my vendors have shown and made clear. I do not feel alone. 

Business Name: Blue Suede Shoes


Social Handle: @bluesuedeshoes.marblefalls

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