Shocking Study Shows Brides Want To Spend More on Weddings than Grooms

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According to a new a survey from Spectrem Group’s Millionaire Corner, men and women have different priorities when it comes to weddings. Did we really need a study to tell us this? 

Thirty-six percent of women want to spend $5,000-$10,000 on a wedding, but 24% of men want to spend less than $5,000. 

Other interesting findings from the study included

Women like larger weddings

Forty percent  of male investors think 100 guests or less is a normal size for a wedding while 49% of female investors think 100-150 guests is a normal size for a wedding.

Men tend to splurge more on gifts

Men are willing to splurge more on wedding gifts: 43%  of men will spend $100-$200 on a wedding gift for a close friend or family member, while 37% of women will spend $100 or less on a wedding gift for a close friend or family member.

Venue beats food

Investors with a net worth of $1MM-$5MM (34%), believe food is the biggest wedding expense, while 36% of the uber-wealthy ($5MM+) think the venue is the most costly wedding expense.

And if you aren't a millionaire, here are a few areas where you can save a couple of bucks. 

  • An intricate, over the top wedding cake: Try cupcakes or a store bought cake that you decorate
  • Skip the opulent center piece for the table: You can't see anyone anyway
  • Skip the fancy, engraved invitation: What is this? Downton Abbey? 

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