Sarah Jessica Parker's New Job? Oprah's Shoe Stylist

Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah

As if Sarah Jessica Parker needed another job, now the iconic fashionista and actress is Oprah's shoe stylist!

She has teamed up with O, The Oprah Magazine‘s creative director Adam Glassman to make sure Oprah is looking good from head to toe! He will be choosing the clothing and SJP will be picking out the shoes, from her SJP shoe collection of course. 

And SJP clearly loves showing off her shoe designs. In a video for, “I’ve introduced them as if they are living, human people rather than just a shoe, an inanimate sort of objec." Glassman noted, “But they are, because women’s connection to shoes is a very emotional thing.” Watch the full video here. 

Parker is having a busy month as she recently announced a collaboration with Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of Tome on a new footwear collection.

‘It happened, as they say, organically. We’re longstanding fans of the lady, Sarah Jessica Parker, and I happened to know somebody who knew her and we asked. We really loved her shoes and we’re a New York brand and there are few people more iconic or iconically New York.’ Too true. ‘Some collaborations are a pleasure, some fall into a different basket and this was the former - it was a real pleasure,’ admitted Ryan.

Parker, Lobo, and Martin created a line of classically shaped heels in a range of neutral and bright colors. The collection became available available via Moda Operandi this week. 

Sarah Jessica Parker with Red Heels

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