Sarah Jessica Parker Has The Best Advice For Finding Shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker for SJP Footwear

Sarah Jessica Parker has truly become synonomous with shoes mostly due to her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw which is why her recent sartorial advice may surprise you. While promoting a Las Vegas pop-up shop for her SJP capsule footwear collection for Zappos Couture, she told InStyle:

“I don’t have any hard and fast rules about shoes. I feel like this whole idea of what’s right to wear and what’s the wrong thing is such a personal experience. Whatever makes you feel good and super confident and really capable has nothing to do with what I might think suits me. What makes a great shoe is what makes you feel good, and for some women, that’s a Converse high top.”

Converse sneakers? Really? But she makes a good point that you have to wear shoes that make you feel confident.  “It takes a long time to have enough confidence and really believe it and do it, but the truth is, you feel best when you do what you want to do,” said Parker. “You feel confident and powerful when you dress in a way that tells me who you are rather than trying to dress like someone else who you think is confident and powerful. The shoe that makes you feel good is what makes a powerful shoe. There are a myriad of varieties to fill that definition.” 

Keep this in mind the next time you are struggling to pick out a pair of shoes! 

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