Royal Weddings: the pomp and process of becoming a Princess

Price Harry is taken. Perhaps you've heard the news. So you didn't get to be a part of that Windsor family.  Chin up, they are sort of a messed up lot. It doesn't mean that you wedding can't be positively princess-y.  Here is how:

1. Queen Elizabeth dictates a lot of the style that we see at today's royal weddings. This means no open toed shoes. I've got to admit, while I own several open toed shoes, I agree with the Queen on this one.  Toes are dead ugly. Keep them covered!

2. No wedges.  Queen Elizabeth does not like wedges.  Again, I own a few and actually love them, but I would never dream of wearing them to a formal ocassion.  I give props to the Queen for having an opinion on this matter.  Wedges are casual. Royal weddings are not.  Wear heels. Wear Solemates.

3. Pantyhose. God save the Queen and all that, but on this point we diverge. She does not believe in bare legs. I strongly disagree. Hose do not belong on anyone outside of like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.   Winter tights? I'll wear them until its 75 degrees, but hose? No, Never. Get a spray tan ladies but do not fall victim to hose. They do not serve a worthwhile purpose. 

4. No Wedding Party.  Royals do not do bridesmaids. They may have one maid of honor to help a hand, but that's it.  What is the point of a wedding party when you have actual hand-maids (no, not in the dystopian Margaret Atwood sense), there to wait on you?

5. Lots of children.  Page boys and Flower girls, galore.  I love this look and think it makes for the absolute dreamiest wedding photos.  Small children are adorable and love weddings.  Im with the Queen here. No to grown ups in matchy dresses, Yes to small children with flower crowns. 

So there you have it. 5 steps to a Royal Wedding. Crown not included. xx


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