Rainy Day Wedding: Tips & Tricks

Brides always have to take weather into account while planning a wedding. If your upcoming nuptials are scheduled for the rainy months (or you're just playing it safe with all scenarios), here are some amazing pieces of advice to have a beautiful day despite the rainy weather. Don't be scared or upset about a possible drizzle -- after all, they do say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!

1. Take advantage of the photo opportunities

Rain adds a completely different dimension to photographs, and can completely transform the vibe of your wedding album. To make the scene dreamy and romantic, maximize on the rainfall and take photos with an umbrella that matches your wedding's color scheme, or recreate a romantic kiss in the rain from a classic flick. Your wedding photos will definitely have a special touch that the sunshine can't create. 

2. Verify rain policies with vendors

The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is for one of her vendors to be a no-show. During the wet season, understanding vendor policies for rain and less-than-ideal weather is an integral part to wedding planning, albeit often overlooked. If your vendor refuses to give back your deposit if there's a chance things might go awry, understand you'll either have to take your chances and possibly suffer the consequences, or need to look elsewhere.

3. Band accommodations

This tip is a more specific extension of tip #2. If your wedding is outdoors and you hired live musicians, make sure that they are willing and prepared to play in the rain, otherwise you might have to find a different band! If your band is mostly string players, exposing the wood of those instruments to the harsh weather is far more damaging than a trumpet or horn. If you are set on strings, make sure that there is a tent with walls shielding the rain so they can play perfectly.

4. Plan ahead for guests

If you check the forecast and there's a significant chance of rain, offering your guests umbrellas and towels (depending on the severity of the weather), is a much appreciated touch. If time allows, personalization or monograms on rain-related items will help them remember a rainy day well spent for years to come!

5. Stay positive

While rain on most days can get you down, don't let it dampen your mood (pun intended) on your special day. Remember the fact that you are marrying the love of your life, and that after every storm, there is always a rainbow! 

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