Protect Your Heels Like Carrie Underwood

From her debut on American Idol as shy young girl to her celebrated chart-topping albums, Carrie Underwood is the darling of America.

How does she manage a healthy baby boy, a loving and supporting marriage, a music career and now a new athletic-wear brand?  How does she manage to have won over 150 awards (and counting) while always looking, dancing, and singing her best?


We took a deep dive into miss Underwood to see what she does and what we need to do more of.


  1. Sleep.  The rarest of commodities is always the most valuable.
  2. Hydrate. Caffeine cravings are real, but sticking to a strict regime of H20 pays off in droves with healthy skin, hair, and organs.
  3. Exercise.  It’s not just about keeping the pounds off or the muscles taught, its about finding a release and way to reconnect to herself.  Cardio is queen.
  4. Solemates.  Secured onto her heels for each nightly performance. Solemates provide Carrie Underwood with the support she needs to never, ever, miss a beat. 


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