Prom DIY: 5 Hacks that work

Trees are blooming and birds are singing. It can only mean one thing. It's prom season. Tis the season for prom-posals, corsages, up-dos and fit-n-flare.  Pre-Prom, Post-Prom, Prom Dress....Prom is the absolute prefix for all things festive when it comes to this time of year. 

Let's assume by this point you have the following: your date, your dress, your shoes and some broad stroke ideas for your hair and makeup.  Check, check, check. You are all set, right? Wrong.  

What happens if your shoes begin to hurt your feet? If your strappy dream shoe is cutting into your foot? What happens if you take photos on a lawn before the prom or if your prom has a gasp outdoor component?  What happens if your picture perfect makeup begins to make your face shine bright like a diamond over the course of the night? What happens if you take a bite of food and um, you end up with a teeny tiny black seed stuck between your teeth that no amount of swishing can unlock? What if you are drinking a bit (of punch or soda) and your lips loose their shiny luster?  I'm not trying to freak out, Im just letting you know, prom-emergencies are real and they can happen.  But they don't have to happen to you.

 (1) Solemates High Heeler. These work.  You need them. At $10/pair, you can't afford to go without them.

(2) Blister Blocker.  It's all natural. It doesn't have any weird smell. It glides on like a chapstick and acts as an anti-friction balm. Apply it before you put on your shoes or the moment you feel something that might grow to resemble discomfort.


(3) Blotting tissues.  Or normal tissues. Always have them on hand. Your date should have a handkerchief, but you may not want to blot your foundation-y face with it (ie, try to keep some mystery alive).

(4) Floss. You dont have to carry a box. Just a strand. Better safe than sorry.

(5) Lip Gloss. It can be sheer. It can be clear. It just has to have some emolient in it, to keep your lips looking inviting and not brittle and gross. 

Of course, you can find most of these in our Ultimate SOS kit,  as well.  Just sayin'

So, happy prom ladies.  Dress well, eat well, be well, and be sure you are prepared for all of life's little mishaps. 


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