Practical and Amazing Stocking Stuffers Women Will Love!

Stocking stuffers are a great way to give fun and practical gifts to your loved ones, but it can be extremely difficult to find great gifts, especially in small sizes that girls, women, moms or wives will love! 

A gift I would find most often in my stocking, as a girl, was makeup.  My mom would pick out a few lipstick and eye shadow cases in color different combos, 2-3 bottles of nail polish, a body spray or two, maybe a toy I wasn’t too old enough for yet, and some type of minty candy.   Sometimes a few cute hair ties, sometimes a small gift or charm or a novelty toy would be stuffed in there too. 

However, as the years went by, the less I shared my mother’s taste in these things.  Blue eye shadow had gone out with the 80’s, scrunchies in the 90’s and despite the collection of nail polish shades of red and pink she helped me to collect over the years, I only ever wanted a French manicure.   You may find that the older your daughters get, the harder it is for you too, to keep up with “what’s hot” in the world of millennials and teenagers, and that you’re just not as “cool” as you used to be when they were much easier to please!

Now don’t get me wrong, I always appreciated any gifts, and every age, and no matter how big or small, and stocking stuffers were my favorite.  After opening up all your presents on Christmas morning, I’d always realize I still had all the fun stuff in my stocking left to go through.  But the older I got, the more I learned the value of hard earned money, the more genuinely practical and useful I preferred my gifts to be.  To this day I still think gifts that are practical are by far the best, and they’re gifts you’ll find even the pickiest of teenagers, young ladies and even moms will love! 

“Fashion Fix-it’s” for women are the perfect stocking stuffer.  They’re usually small, extremely useful, and very universal, meaning they’re something that any and every woman will really appreciate.  At Solemates, we carry a perfect assortment of practical stocking stuffers for women that ladies who both love, and hate to wear heels will appreciate!


Solemates High Heelers ($12):

The perfect stocking stuffer!   Solemates High Heelers are heel caps that go on the tip of your high heels to increase the surface area of your heel.  For women who love their heels, they help protect them from damage that occurs from sinking in the grass, mud, gravel, or over boardwalk and side walk cracks and gaps.  For women who hate and have trouble wearing heels, Solemates High Heelers provide stability and ease while walking on the previously mentioned surfaces above, making heel-wearing more pleasant and graceful.  They come in 3 sizes and four style choices sure to perfectly fit any size heel, not to mention perfectly as a gift or stuffer in any woman’s holiday stocking! 


Can’t decide or want to get your favorite lady a little something special?  They also come in packs of 3 (Complete Collection $30)different sizes to make sure they fit every size heel in her closet perfectly!    

Blister Blocker ($12):

Just like your lips get chapped, your feet can chap and blister as well from the wet, wintery weather!  Another practical and inexpensive stocking stuffer we offer is our Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm.  I love getting pedicures to make my toes look pretty in my open-toed pumps, but avoid them at all costs if I get blisters.  Every women will appreciate any gift that helps to take special care of their feet as all ladies should!

Shoe Buff ($10) & Leather Protector ($10)


Two very useful and awesome stocking stuffers every woman needs are our shoe buff and our leather protector spray.  An added bonus is that this stocking stuffer will be extra beneficial in helping to protect and maintain any new shoes Santa may have left under the tree this year!  Help her keep her new Jimmy Choos or Prada pumps from scuffs, scratches, cracks and even deterioration from pavement salt, dirt and water.

Solemates Shoe Essentials ($10)

You’ll find the perfect stocking stuffer and shoe and foot care gift all in one in our Solemates Shoe Essentials.  Each set contains one pair of the following:

  • Anti Skid Pads: provides traction for the underside of the shoe.
  • Ball of Foot Cushions: pamers tired feet with extra cushioning
  • Heel Cushions: Protective support for the back of the heel (reduces shoe to heel friction). 


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