Never Fear For Your Shoes Again With Our New Cobbler’s Couture Product Line!

Shoe Closet

Fear not of damaging your shoes any longer because Solemates has some new amazing protection products that will keep them in tip top shape. 

Intoducing Solemates Cobbler's Couture, the ultimate shoe care products. 

1. Leather Protector

No more weather damage on your leather boots and shoes. Protect your prized investments from rain, salt, snow, or sleet with our new product. It works on Leather, Suede and even Fabric.

2. Shoe Freshner

Whose got smelly shoes? Not you! Our amazing Baby Powder scented product is intended to be sprayed inside your shoes to eliminate all of that gross bacteria and keep your toes smelling sweet! 

3. Shoe Buff

Keep those shoes nice and shiny with our shoe buff.  A few short strokes will transform leather from dull to divine.

4. Blister Blocker

And of course, for all this shoe wearing you need to make sure your feet are protected. Our Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm creates an invisible barrier to help prevent blisters. It’s amazing for breaking in new shoes or for preparing your feet for those particularly long days. This one will be available super soon! 

Check out all of our brand new products here and never fear for your shoes again! A great idea for a Mother's Day or bridemaid gift or for any shoe lover in your life!! 

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