My Slippers Smell

My Slippers Smell 

It has been one year since we traded in our heels for slippers, slacks for sweats, and blow outs for high buns.  In that time, we've all be through a lot of stress and uncertainty, but the silver lining, at least from my perspective is the adoption of main stream adoption of cozy clothes and shoes.

I own an exceptional volume of sweats.  I have a preference for Aviator Nation because I am as basic as they come. Stripes and lightening bolts speak to me. What footwear pairs best with these? Im so glad you asked, because the answer is not immediately obvious.

On the Aviator website, the models are mostly Venice Beach types - tanned, lanky, and unapologetically chic.  They wear the clothes effortlessly and everything looks amazing. Will I magically have a six pack if I wear a cropped hoodie? No. But I have posed the question (mostly to myself) on more than one occasion. 

Aviator Nation

Back to the point (there is a point, I promise), is the issue of footwear. What pairs well with an ankle grabbing sweat pant? The models are barefoot. I have tried that. But in the northeast, and more broadly, in the public, being barefoot is not necessarily covid-friendly. To be fair, the mantra of "no shirt, no shoes, no service" has been used in the public sphere forever (you know, like since the 80s).

In warm weather, flip flops work; but it does take the right balance of flip (the material on the shoe) to flop (the material on the base) to get it right. In colder weather, it's more of a challenge. My go to sneaker is the On Cloud - its literally heaven in a shoe. I think I am sportier by virtue of owning several pairs (my athleticism grows in proportion to the number of shoes I own).  Sadly, I dont find the lewk of my Ons and my Aviators all that appealing. Next up is I tried some flats are a reason to live, but in cold weather you risk ruining them (not worth it).  J. Crew flats are largely undervalued (they are stylish, affordable, and hella comfortable).  Sadly, these too do not pair well with sweats.


Chloe Flats

Uggs, the footwear of cozy lovers everywhere DOES work - but not in all styles. There is a strong bias with the slippers; whereas the boots and booties are an anathema to me.  Slippers in general, pair well with pretty much everything. They strike the right balance of "Im dressed" and "Im comfortable".  

Slippers suffer from setbacks that are pretty unique to their style. The cozy insteps come at a high price...they sometimes smell.  Feet are gross. Think of what step on - think of what they go through. Slippers rise to meet this challenge with cotton, lambswool and fabulous polyblends, but no amount of cozy can combat the putrid odor that is created when bacteria mixes with heat to create sweaty, smelly slippers. When my slippers smell or my slipper stink, there is only one solution....Solemates deodorizer. 

It's a natural formula, bottled in California, free of toxins and full of love that is sure to replace your slipper odors with fresh scented goodness.  Try today for 25% with the code SHARK25. Shop NOW



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