Mother's Day Gifts: Gift Ideas directly from some of our most loved moms.

With Mother's Day approaching, we asked some of our favorite mothers, grandmothers and dog mothers to give us their picks for presents that would love to receive on that most special day.  While every mother mostly wishes for her family to be able to be together, we forced them to pick material goods.

From new moms, to toddler moms, to dogs moms and grand-moms...we have lots of mom-types covered.  In order to give you some more color on the mom's we picked, we had them answer a few 'get to know me' questions. 


Toddler Mama: Olivia


Doctor, Hero, Texan. 

Favorite Quarantine Pastime:
Going for walks in the neighborhood

Go-to Quarantine meal: rice and beans
I had stocked up and bought plenty and now I have to eat it about 3 times a week

Quarantine Uniform:
Juicy terry pants with a camisole and cardigan

First thing you look forward to doing in the re-opening:
going to the beach when it’s safe

Olivia's Gift Selections:

Under 25: As excited as I am to get back into the world, I've also been enjoying some home cooked food. I think this book will be a great addition to my collection.  

Under 100: This one is something I've eyed for months and would love for my home as a reminder that God is present. 

God Is Present

Under 250: All of my walks and have made me realize that we need a stronger system going forward.  Really love this model




Baby Mama: Abby


Entrepreneur/Designer/Store owner in Old Greenwich, CT + Nantucket, MA.

Favorite Quarantine Pastime:
Being able to spend more time with my baby son

Go-to Quarantine meal: 

Quarantine uniform: 
Yoga Pants + a sweater 

First thing you look forward to doing in the re-opening:
Walking at my local beach and going out to dinner

Abby's Gift Picks:

Under 25:  Love this set because I need it and look forward to being able to enjoy some wine outside with friends (eventually): 

Wine Tumblers
Under 100 :  Need to replace my go-to pair and these are cute and look just like the real ones. 


Under 250:  I am really hoping for something like this because I need to be able to cart all of the baby gear to the beach this summer.  Assuming, you know, there is a summer.   Ideally, my gift giver would fill it with beach towels, beach toys and a beach bag (and maybe some wine tumblers...)
Beach trolley
Under 1000: But if you really want to wow me, please someone, find a way to get this in my driveway! 
Quarantine Mom: Cassie
Cassandra Ellis + Niko
Business Owner, Graphic Designer, Dog Mom

Favorite Quarantine Pastime:
Anything outside, walking, hiking, biking, but I have also been really into spring cleaning my entire apartment.
Go-to Quarantine meal:
After a couple weeks in quarantine, I ditched the all day buffet for a cleaner diet, so lately Ive been loving Cauliflower Fried Rice, super simple meal and a lot of the ingredients can be stocked in your freezer.
Quarantine Uniform:
No frills here, I live 100% of the time in leggings and a sweatshirt.
First thing you look forward to doing in the re-opening:
I miss having dinner parties and BBQ’s with friends the most, but let’s be honest, the first thing I will likely do is go to the hair dresser.
Cassie's Gift Selections:
Under 25: It’s “mud season” here in Vermont, which is this time between winter and spring when the snow is melting and it rains a lot, so walks and trail hikes with my pup can get pretty messy, this is a must have and go-to.
Dog Paw Cleaner
Under 100: Even though we are traveling a lot less these days, many of us still need to drive to appropriate outdoor areas for our dogs to play and just be a dog. Keeping your dog from climbing all over the car can be difficult which is why I have been eyeing up this dog car seat for months! 
Dog Car Seat
Under 250: Since most states have closed pet grooming salons, an at home grooming kit would be really handy during this time and also save you money in the long run. I'm definitely liking this one.
Grandmama mama: Karen
Karen L
Mainliner, Mother, Grandmother  & prolific Amazon + Solemates Customer


Favorite quarantine pastime:
Reviving classic recipes with a twist e.g. Bloody Mary aspic with horseradish mayonnaise....baked Alaska....lobster thermidor 

Go-to Quarantine meal: 
Beef Nacho with homemade spice mix. 

Quarantine uniform: 
Yoga Pants with white tee or well-worn sweatshirt

First thing you look forward to doing in the re-opening:

Karen't Gift Selections:

Under 50: All this time at home has made me appreciate good yoga pants.  I have my eyes on these

Under 150: All this time at home has made me appreciate good cleaning systems, too. The ease of a quick clean up can't be overvalued. I like the idea of no wires or cords, too.  This my next upgrade, I hope.

Vacuum Stick

Under 250: This fills out the cycle of quarantine to post-quarantine.  I imagine powering this one on while I go out to get my nails done! 


So there you have it - 3 price points, 4 moms, 12+ ideas to set you on your way to find the best gifts for all of the mothers in your life. 

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