Mother's Day: Gift Ideas under $50

My mother dislikes Mother's Day.  She thinks better than rewarding your mom on one random Sunday, we should be kind and thoughtful all year long. "Everyday should be Mother's Day" is what she says, year after year. 

Year after year she tells us not to buy her presents, not to spend our money, not to spend our money on her.  But year after year, my siblings and I continue to disobey her.  But because of her wishes, we never over-spend and we never spend money on junky presents; ie, we don't buy gag gifts.  We've developed a skill at buying great gifts for reasonable prices. Here are some of the best ideas we've deployed over the year:

  1. Flowers.  Cut flowers arranged by you, purchased at the grocery store can make a beautiful present.  If you are hopeless at flower arranging, you should consider visiting a flower shop and getting a small, but sweet arrangement. A good one can work with any price point. 
  2. Mani/Pedi.  If your mom loves getting her nails done, considering treating her for the week.  Visit or call her salon of choice and buy it over the phone.  If you do it in advance of Mother's Day, you can surprise her with the gesture (when she goes to pay, she can learn you swooped in and covered her treatment and the tip).
  3. Blow Dry.  Everyone loves a good blowout, but so often we don't want to splurge on them.  That makes it the perfect gift.
  4. Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.  Why so specific?  Because the Barefoot Contessa makes beautiful books regardless of whether or not your mother cooks.  A Slim Aarons coffee table or anything by Assouline can also be a good gift.
  5. Planters.  Outdoor planters can be a best fill, but they are among the gifts that keep giving.  Fill her planters with hardy plants that will last throughout the season.
  6. Split of Champagne or Prosecco.  You don't have to buy the most expensive bottle of champagne.  You can buy the most expensive half bottle of champagne though.  
  7. Pajamas.  Who doesn't love new, super soft pjs? 
  8. Work out clothes.  My mom is super active. Anything from Lulu lemon is well received (and easy to exchange).
  9. Amazon gift card. Buy her a credit for her Prime account.  Or, if she doesnt have one, buy her a Prime account with one of your siblings or dad. It is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!
  10. An assortment of gifts from Solemates.  Blister Blocker, Anti-Bacterial Spray...the possibilities are endless! 

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