Memorial Day Weekend: A List of the Essentials

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and it looks like everyone is on their toes ready to get away for a nice, relaxing long weekend. Traveling is never easy, so here are a few tips on what to bring to make your trip effortless.

 As the unofficial start of summer, everyone wants to put their best foot forward this weekend. Here are some great tips to make a statement with your look:

(1) Turn your short vacation into a Parisian-esque getaway with a Breton-striped dress and lace-up espadrille wedges.

(2) For a more casual look, denim with a bit of fraying at the hem with your favorite pair of sandals will be sure to blow everyone away.

(3) If you're hitting the beach this weekend, a flattering one piece swimsuit is the way to go. Don't forget to bring a floppy hat and lounge the day away with your favorite book in beachside bliss!

Breton Striped DressBlue One Piece Swimsuit

Bon Voyage Straw Hat

The contents of your beauty bag may be tried and true, but here are some new ways to have a fun, fresh look this weekend:

(1) Sea salt spray: Regardless of if you'll be by the shore or the countryside, beach-inspired waves are gorgeous anywhere. Use a sea salt spray on damp hair to avoid humidity and create beautiful shape and movement.






Beach Waves


(2) BB cream: It's time to ditch the full coverage foundation and let your skin shine through! BB cream is the perfect way to get lightweight coverage while nourishing your skin and creating a flawless, even texture. When you wear it, people compliment your skin, NOT your makeup!

(3) Sunscreen: This one is self-explanatory, and should stay in your bag far past this weekend's festivities. Protecting your skin from the sun is a number one priority, and there are some amazing new formulas on the market that provide an intense barrier from the sun without the typical sunscreen smell or texture.




Accessories are what we tend to forget most often, but here are some you will never miss on your way out the door:

(1) Sunglasses: Not only do they add style and personal flair to an outfit, they serve a functional and irreplaceable role in your life. The perfect embodiment of fashion meeting function.

(2) Lightweight oversized scarf: This item has many different uses. Since it's still getting chilly at night, using an oversized scarf as a shawl can keep you cozy without compromising the style of your outfit. You can also use it to set a place for a picnic or as a sarong on the shoreline. 

Pink Oversized ScarfBlack Aviator Sunglasses

(3) Wallet phone case: Ditch the heavy 9 to 5 purse and keep just the essentials on hand: phone, ID, beach pass, credit card, etc. Having a phone case that does it all gives you extra freedom that you deserve on this long weekend. Being able to just grab and go is the kind of spontaneity that warm weather leaves us all craving


 Kate Spade Wallet Phone Case

(4) Solemates Deluxe S.O.S. Rescue Kit: Never be empty handed in a faux pas moment again! This sweet tote bag comes with not only a pair of Solemates High Heelers, but also anything an it-girl needs on the go. The bag is simply a sweet reminder of how this kit could save you in any emergency!

 One of the most important essentials of all, however, is to honor the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom.

American Flags

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!






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