Make Them Envious With These Tips On How To Wear Green This St. Patricks Day

Everyone's favorite Irish holiday is almost here. Yes, you can celebrate by drinking some beer or you can wear some green to celebrate the country of Ireland. With there being 40 shades of green (according to Ireland), that is a lot of choice. Of course, for many, green is a tough color to pull off. After all, you can very quickly go from looking super chic to the Wicked Witch of the West. 

But green is a great color to wear. Zahra Mamdani, president of Wear Else, notes, “Green is said to promote harmony and balance, which is something we’re all looking for these days.” Green is also supposed to come across as very relaxing and restful to the human eye. Monica Ferguson, Co-Founder of Solemates, says, "Depending the shade of the shoe, green can be considered a neutral color.  The Chloe Flat in "Alga" is a perfect example of a "can go with anything (almost!) shoe.  The girl wearing this shoe is definitely not trying to coordinate her greens (wearing them with camouflage, or with army green pants, as an example, might look a little ridiculous)."


green heels


Here are a few  more tips on how to wear green. 

Make your green shoes pop

Pair them with a skinny jean for a casual look. To go for a fancier look try a green blouse or shirt or a green patterned dress. Or try pairing them a beinge ensemble. 

Make sure the shoes are showing

If you are going to wear a statement piece like green shoes then show them off! Don't bury them under a long skirt or pants. Show those babies off. 

Pair them with a fancy print

Follow Jessica Alba's lead and pair them with a fun pattern

If you are brave enough try a fun pattern with specs of green which the shoes can then bring out. And if you are brave try neon green like Alba. 

jessica alba

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