Life after Shark Tank: Cheddar Interviews Solemates on the Success of Their Brand After The Show

Broadcast from the New York Stock Exchange and Sprint Flatiron Building Store, Cheddar is a live Post-Cable Network that covers the best products, technologies, and services nationwide, while also reporting on the hard work and successes of up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Solemates founders Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown were interviewed by Cheddar anchors Hope King and Baker Machado about their past experience with the Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, which aired about one year go.  

During the show Monica had admitted they had received two offers from Sharks Robert Herjavec and Kevin O'Leary that they had turned down.  She felt it was the best move for her business at the time, but had learned a lot from the sharks and was grateful for their advice.  

Becca goes on to discuss life as an entrepreneur and the need to always be resourceful.  Not knowing every answer is alright, as long as you know who to go to, to find it.  The process of developing, launching and growing a successful brand like Solemates required them to learn a large array of new things and quickly become comfortable in arenas they knew nothing about, such as product manufacturing and packaging.

Both Monica and Becca told the Cheddar hosts that they are very excited about their most recent retail partnership with CVS, allowing the brand to expand to 4000+ locations nationwide, putting their product closely within reach of at least 85% of the country's population.  

This is great news to women who love wearing heels!  If you're attending a wedding, outdoor event, or just want to give your high heels more stability in every day wear, the Solemates High Heeler can now be found at your local CVS.     

Watch the Interview Here: 


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