Lauren Conrad Has The Best Wedding Diet Ever!!

Lauren Conrad in bathing suit

We all know that when it comes to their big wedding day, most brides diet for months. A 2007 Cornell University study found that 70% of engaged women said they wanted to lose weight, typically 20 pounds. The study showed that a number of brides-to-be are increasingly going on crash diets inspired by celebs. A New York Times article cites that the reasoning for the extreme lengths brides go through is brought on by "wearing a revealing and expensive gown and knowing that wedding photos (if not marriage) are forever."

That is why it is was refreshing to hear that lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad is taking it easy when it comes to looking good for the big day. This is one celeb who is telling you not to diet for your wedding day. She recently said there will be no crash diets to prepare for her wedding. "I really love food. I’m not good at dieting. I try to make smart choices but just eat a little bit less.'

As for exercise she said,  “I just like getting out, like going on a hike, going on the kayaks, going for a run on the beach. I’m not a huge fan of the gym, to be honest. When I have to go to the gym and put an hour in, I’m just staring at the clock.” 

Conrad cares more about improving her inner person. “I have always used my flaws as motivation to work harder and stay in shape,” she wrote on a recent blog post. “But as I have grown, I have learned more to love my body for what it is. After all, it’s been good to me.” Something to keep in mind! 

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