Introducing #WellHeeled Wednesdays!

DIY styling tipsWelcome to #WellHeeled Wednesdays, a weekly feature devoted to women who take long-legged strides in leading exuberant and compassionate lifestyles. 

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best without worry, allowing her to focus on enjoying a moment she may never have again instead of dwelling on a possible wardrobe malfunction. We know you don’t have time to be slowed down by rain or shine, sweat or blisters, grates or grass. Life’s too short for that.

 As a part of our community, you, our sole sisters, not only take care of yourselves from head-to-toe – but you also take special care of the people, places and milestones in your lives.  

Whether it is graduation, sorority recruitment, engagement parties and wedding ceremonies, babies and garden parties, you’re put together. That’s because you know the importance of wardrobe investment pieces and that when you preserve them with proper maintenance, you are able to spend more money, time and energy on the things that truly matter: your loved ones and their special events.

It’s your meticulous attention to detail, appreciation for pieces made well and want to make them last as long as possible that we, as a brand, share with you. And, we think more women should care, too.  That’s where you come in.

To help us spread the word, showing more women that the well-heeled mindset – or movement – goes far beyond the weight of your wallet or brand of your shoe, we need you. (Yes, you!)

Every hump day, The Solemates Team will turn over the blog to some of your favorite bloggers who embody the mission in everything they do through styling tips, cooking tricks, hosting help, DIY and décor pointers, travel inspiration and more.

Cherish the time you have by first cherishing the things – the shoes – that get you there. Live well-heeled, and show us what that looks like in your life using the hashtag #wellheeled. You could win a feature and goodies from our shop! Find out how below.

Share your #wellheeled style and special moments with @thesolemates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! We’ll be on the lookout and sending shoutouts!

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