How to Walk in High Heels in Grass

If you’ve worn heels before to a prom, wedding, outdoor occasion, or sporting event, you know that the struggle is real:


Walking in high heels in grass is difficult!  


It can even impossible at times, if you’d like to prevent mud, grass and water stains on your favorite pair of pumps. Even if your prom or wedding isn’t outdoors, most brides, prom couples and other outdoor heel wearing fanatics prefer to have their photos taken on the grass, under a nice tree or in a beautiful setting that doesn’t always have a flat cement path to get you there and back.  


high heel ruined in grass


As you struggle to keep your balance in your stilettos, you accidentally drive a spike through the ground, submerging your shoes in 2 or more inches of wet mud and grass. Were your heels pure white or light colored? Well now they’ve got lawn scented accent colors of green, yellow and brown. If your heels were fabric you’re in for an even bigger treat. Once the moisture of the grass and dirt saturates into the cloth, the water travels up the heel of the shoe further discoloring it with brown and green pigments.


damaged high heel


This is twice as concerning in areas like Florida or western Europe that tend to get lots of rainfall keeping lawns soft and heels sinkable. We’ve all spent good money on shoes, so destroying them is shameful.


The Solution to Wearing High Heels in Grass

How do you really walk well in high heels in grass? When it comes to grass in your walking heels, you’ve really only got 3 options.


  1. Don’t wear them or wear very thick heels (ew).


This is really not an option. Wearing flats or thick clunky heels with a beautiful fancy gown or wedding dress, or even a flirty little sun dress completely ruins your look from head to toe. There is nothing more flattering than a beautiful and elegant pair of matching heels to compliment you on your big day and refusing to wear that coveted pair of Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos that take your outfit to the next level, would just be a sin.  


  1. Walk on your toes.


It may help for walking in a quick patch of grass here and there but this is not a practical solution, especially when wedding photos, outdoor weddings and outdoor events can take hours. By lifting your heel out of the ground and placing all of your weight onto your toes you can avoid letting your heels sink into the grass and mud temporarily, but at the expense of your burning quad and calf muscles. You’re making an already challenging shoe to walk in even more difficult.


  1. Solemates High Heelers


The most innovative fashion fix-it and every woman’s best friend when it comes to walking in high heels in the grass, Solemates are a complete game changer. Solemates, a shoe care company was founded on a product called the High Heeler, which is a removable heel cover that is specifically designed to solve this very problem.



The Solemates High Heeler comes in four colors (clear/black/silver/gold) and in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every size heel. They work by increasing the surface area of the spike of your heel, preventing it from sinking into the grass all together. They can be put on and removed from the bottom of your heel at any time.  


Solemates high heelers


Not only that, they work great to prevent slippage and add stability on other uneven surfaces as well, such as sand, gravel, mud, rocks, dirt, pavement, grates, cobblestone and more, making them practical for every day use, especially in the city. Solemates are a must have accessory for every woman who wears heels.  


solemates high heelers 


You can learn more about Solemate’s High Heelers here:  Solemates High Heeler


heels walking on grass


Check out our latest video to see our Solemates High Heelers in action:




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