How to Walk in Heels

Whether you're a pro in heels or a newbie, here are some helpful tips that will let you be you comfortable at any height and teach you how to walk in high heels

Heel to Toe

The easiest way to move in heels is walking heel to toe, not toe to heel. This will allow your stride to look effortless and natural. 


Wearing heels tend to shift your weight forward. To combat this, try straightening your shoulders and neck. This will make you look taller and more confident!

Take Away the Pain


Nothing is worse than the pain caused by wearing your favorite pair of heels. Try using our Blister Blocker and Shoe Essentials to help stop the pain before it starts. The Blister Blocker creates an invisible barrier to help prevent blisters and the Shoe Essentials provides cushion and skid protection.

Please Walk ON the Grass

With our Solemates High Heelers, you’ll be confident on any surface! Not only do they prevent you from sinking into grass or sidewalk cracks, they increase the surface area on the bottom of your heel to provide stability and balance so you can walk on uneven surfaces with ease. 


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