How To Trim Down Your Wedding Guest List (According To Lauren Conrad)

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One of the toughest things about putting together a wedding is figuring out who makes the cut and who doesn't. This can be one of the toughest feats a bride and groom face as usually they feel pressure from parents to invite and work colleagues. It can get tricky when it comes to which friends to invite. There are people you see everyday that you may not be as close with but you can't not invite them. And what about people you once cherished but have fallen out of touch with? Luckily, bride-to-be lifestyle expert Lauren Conrad had some great tips for cutting down your list. 

When it comes to who makes the cut for your guest-list Conrad says her main rules is, "If we haven’t sat down and had a meal together in the past two years, you’re probably not going to be invited. Since all of my close friends and I dine together regularly, this helps separate the people I’m still close with from the friends I’ve lost touch with over the years. I think it’s a pretty fair rule."

Here are a few more helpful tips:

  • Do your invitations in waves. Start with your favorites and then if some of them can't come move on to the second tier. 
  • Imagine if you will be friends with this person in 10 years. If you're not seeing it then don't invite them. 
  • If there is major doubt about the person, then don't do it. It is your day.

lauren conrad wedding tips

And of course the other tough subject is whether they should bring a Plus-One. 

Conrad says, "I also had to come up with some guidelines for determining who gets a plus-one. A plus-one is a must for anyone who is married, engaged, or in a long-term relationship. No exceptions there! A plus-one is also thoughtful for anyone who is single, but won’t have any other friends attending. But if someone is single and will be amongst friends or family, giving them a plus-one is not necessary. Who knows, they might meet someone special…"

Beware, many unmarried people find it tremendously upsetting to not be allowed to bring a date. Prepare them for the idea and pay careful attention to where the singletons sit during dinner.

As for your attendants -- letting them bring an escort would be a considerate gesture. It's not required, but they've done a lot for you.

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