How To Take Care Of Your Boots During Winter

Winter Boots in Snow


In case you hadn't noticed, it is winter. You may have also noticed that this is a really terrible time for shoe wear. Unless you are wearing good thick, durable waterproof boots you risk really damaging your shoes and having frozen toes. So here are a few tips for taking care of your shoes in winter so you can wear them for the next miserable winter!


For your leather and suede shoes these are the hardest to take care of so you really need to do your research on protectors.  Good Housekeeping suggests Liquid Aquaseal for leather and McNett ReviveX for suede. 

Salt Stains

Salt stains really are the worse aren't they? Try a little white vinegar on a rag for your leather boots and a suede brush for your suede shoes (they usually come in kits). 

Soaked shoes

If you get caught in the middle of a rain or snow storm and find yourself with soaked shoes, your shoes still can survive. Stick balled up newspaper in them which will help soak up the water (and prevent a really nasty smell). Also just putting them near a heater will help or a fan. But do not use a blow dryer as that can damage them. Also try Dr. Scholl's Odor-X spray powder.

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