How to Style Photos Like a Professional Blogger

When you think about the life of a lifestyle blogger, images of picture perfect hair, makeup and outfits comes to mind. At least that is certainly the case for me.  How do these women do it?  We work with bloggers extensively because when they like one of our products, we see its success skyrocket! It's fabulous.  Over the last few months, we have had the privelege of working with many and discovering some of their secrets.  Today, we share them with you!


How to look as fabulous as your favorite fashion blogger:

  1. Have a goal in mind with every image.  While we love to be distracted by a highly stimulated image, a good blogger has one goal in mind with every picture she posts.  Is she promoting a clothing brand, a coffee shop, or a new manicure?  While its important to be aware of all of the elements in a picture, its critical to have one goal in mind.  Once that goal is established, work around it to create the best complementary elements for that photo.
  2. Monochrome is your friend.  Patterns are fun and splashy, but the more you have going on in a photo, the more things that can go wrong.  Keep it simple.
  3. Know your body, know your angles.  If you are asked to support a miniskirt but you dont think your knees look great, know how to crop the photo.  If you are supporting your new favorite shoe company, make sure to get a pedicure.  Almost anything can be photoshopped, but certainly dont rely on photoshop or facetune to fix the things that you had control over to begin with.
  4. Enhance with common sense.  If you are promoting an office notebook, consider the products that would go well with the notebook and incorporate them.  Would a beautiful scarf be worn by the women who uses this notebeook? Would she drink only lattes? Would her desk be brilliantly white and would she keep her rolex on the desk?  
  5. Aspiration drives likes.  Choose elements that your audience would aspire to wanting.  We dont all have perfecet lives, but we have an idea of what we want our lives to look like, to taste like, to feel like, and even to smell like.  Candles & flowers & Coffee - three things that have scents, are among the best performing enhancers we work with.  Leverage them!

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