How To Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet (So You Can Get More Shoes!)

shoe collection

Spring is finally here! Even the East Coast is getting there. And spring means one thing. No, not flowers. New shoes! The problem is you may be buying more, but you still have the same old closet. So how do you make room for all those new pretty pairs of shoes without having to build a storage unit next to your house?

shoe closet

So unless you are Christina Aguilera (with that fabulouse closet), you may want to listen up:

1. Reduce

First of all, just like with clothes, if you haven't worn them in a year then strongly consider tossing that pair unless they have sentimental meaning (like your wedding shoes!) Do you really wear that pair of Crocs?

2. Organize

You don't want your winter boots next to your spring heels now do you? Categorize your shoes. It will help you access them more easily.

3. Decorate with your shoes

We all knows shoe can be real works of art. Sometimes we would rather just look at them then actually wear them. So why not put them display on a shelf. That way they are organized neatly and everyone can enjoy them. 

shoe closet

4. Lazy Susan For Shoes

If you have the room why not get a big Lazy Susan for your shoes. You can store a lot of them and it's kinda like living in your own shoe store. 

5. Hang up your shoes

Hang your sandals and flats on a hanger like Savannah of Oh So Pretty the Diaries did. All you need is a pair of pliers. 

6. Store your dressy shoes

If you don't feel like putting your good shoes on display keep them in their original boxes and then have the shoes you actually wear every day in an easily accessible place. 

7. Swap your shoes out

You can now definitely (well, almost. We could still have a Noreaster) put those winter boots away in your storage closet or under the bed or in the attic to make room for sandals, heels and flip flops! 

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