How to Protect Suede and Leather: A Guide to Shoe, Boot, and Bag Care

Suede and leather are soft, supple, and all-natural materials used to make anything from bags and belts to your favorite pair of shoes.

Since this material is sensitive to things like water and other liquids, it's important to know how to protect suede the right way so you can enjoy your possessions for years to come.

Read on to learn more about how to practice good leather care and keep your boots, shoes, and bags safe from damage.

Use Products with Natural Components

Some suede and leather treatments use harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to your valuable goods. These chemicals may end up bleaching the suede or leather product, or they could eat away at the material so eventually, you're left with holes and visible damage.

Instead of selecting products that feature harmful chemicals, try something that utilizes all-natural components instead. The Solemates All Weather Protector is a fantastic option that uses natural ingredients like carnauba wax and water essence to protect your leather and suede items.

This unique protectant is easy to use and provides a barrier for suede, leather, that will keep it safe from the elements. Whether it's water or salt and snow, this product offers you a great option to ensure that you have a reliable shoe protector spray you can trust.

When applying a shoe protector spray, make sure it leaves an invisible layer that won't affect the coloring of your products. From satchels and briefcases to boots, all-natural protectors are trustworthy and effective without the need for dangerous chemicals and other ingredients. 

You want to be sure you're using something that will repel water and keep stains from drying on top of the surface of your leather and suede products. With a natural protectant, you can enjoy something that's completely non-toxic, free of odors, and free from harmful chemicals to keep you safe.

How to Protect Suede and Leather the Right Way

When you choose leather protecting products, find something made with a pump applicator and not an aerosol spray. The aerosol spray products are bad for the environment and can create negative impacts on your health as well as to the environment.

When you apply the pump leather protecting spray to your shoes, bags, and accessories, lightly spray several coats so that you get full coverage. An aerosol spray tends to douse your suede with one layer of product that won't give it the proper coverage it needs to be effective.

Before treating your leather or suede item, use a soft-bristled brush to loosen and remove any dirt or debris. This will make it easier for the protectant to apply and "sink into" the material without dirt getting in the way.

Allow the suede and leather protectant to sit and dry between applications. Go over your shoes or bag using about three even coats to ensure the best results.

For shoes and boots that you wear frequently, re-apply the spray every month or two. This will keep your footwear and accessories protected against the elements like rain, snow, or mud puddles. 

Maintaining Your Suede and Leather

Treating your suede and leather products with the all-weather protector from Solemates is one great way to prevent damage. However, there are other things you should do to maintain your items and keep them from fading and other damage.

When your shoes or boots aren't in use, store them in a dark place away from direct sunlight. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause your precious leather shoes and favorite leather handbag to dry out and fade over time. The same thing applies to belts and wallets, and anything else that is crafted from leather or suede.

Store your items in an area that is dry and free from moisture or humidity. When suede or leather is exposed to moisture, it can cause irreparable damage. Use shoe or boot covers and dust bags to protect your beloved accessories.

It's almost impossible to prevent wearing your leather shoes or boots outside during inclement weather. However, if you know it's going to rain, try to avoid wearing leather shoes on wet days to minimize the exposure to water. Direct exposure to water can change the color and even the texture of suede.

If you notice a stain on your leather or suede boots and shoes, try to treat it immediately before it gets too severe. You can treat stains using talcum powder and applying it directly to the spot to blot up the excess. Let the powder sit on the suede overnight, then gently scrub the stain and powder out the following day using a soft-bristled brush.

When you combine common-sense care with a reliable protectant product, it's easy to know how to protect suede and make it last for many years to come. 

Protect Your Favorite Suede and Leather Accessories

Once you know how to protect suede and leather goods, you can use them with confidence no matter what the weather brings. Do your best to avoid wearing suede and leather shoes outside on rainy days, and always use a reliable product like Solemates all weather protector with its natural ingredients for optimum results.

Store your leather and suede items in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to keep them safe. Treat stains as soon as you can to minimize the potential of permanent damage.

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