How to Prevent Blisters and Pain in High Heels and Shoes

If you’re anything like us, you have a passion for fashion! Unfortunately, fashion hurts and there are times where looking our best can actually cause a little, if not much discomfort! We’re looking directly at you high heels!


It’s a well-known fact to women around the world that high heels can cause discomfort, especially when worn for extended periods of time. Heels are notorious for causing rubs, blisters, soreness and unbearable arch, heel and toe pain, especially since they tend to cause your feet to sweat, (because they’re usually worn without socks and are not made out of the most breathable materials) and the shape pushes your feet and toes forward to the front of the shoe.


Blisters are the worst and can genuinely ruin your night or at least cut it short. They can lead to serious infections, (bacteria and fungi love sweaty feet) and they can also stain and damage your beautiful shoes.


So many women suffer in silence in the name of beauty and a traffic-stopping wardrobe, but guess what?   You don’t have to! We’re here to help you learn how to prevent blisters, discomfort and pain while looking amazing in your favorite pair of Jimmy Choos or Pradas!


How to Prevent Blisters and Discomfort While Wearing High Heels


Proper High Heel Fit Will Prevent Blisters

Making sure the high heels you choose fit properly is the first step to preventing blisters and pain while wearing them. Heels not only need to fit the length of your foot, but the width of your foot as well. While you can still get pain and blisters in the right sized shoe, especially with extended wear, a well-fitted pair will minimize potential pain and suffering.


If you buy pumps that are too big, your feet will slide around in them, rub and not have the proper support they need to be comfortable. If your heels are too small, they can also chaff and cause irritation and swelling that will have you limping before the night is over.


Protect Your Hot Spots with Solemates Blister Blocker

If you are going to be wearing heels you need to be proactive and apply a blister blocker to your foot beforehand. This also applies to blister prevention in not just high heels, but in flats, boots and sandals. 



Solemates makes an amazing Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm. You apply a thin layer to your feet, which forms a clear/invisible protective barrier that protects your skin from friction born blisters. Their product makes application very easy allowing you to ensure complete coverage and blister prevention on notorious hotspots such as the back of your heel, your toes, and the ball of your foot.


What’s best about Solemates Blister Blocker is that unlike other ones on the market, its not made with harsh, unhealthy chemicals, it doesn’t have a horrible smell (it’s unscented), and it doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue that will damage or ruin your heels.   Also, it’s MUCH better than sticking gross band-aids all over your feet, which only last until your feet start sweating, and then they’re sliding around all over the place. Pretty gross. Go with a good blister blocker.


You can get Solemates Blister Blocker here.


Cushion and Pad Your High Heels to Prevent Friction and Blisters

Not all high heels or shoes are going to fit you perfectly, and in fact, many high heels and shoes are actually treated with a stiffening agent that helps the shoe maintain it’s shape so that it stays on your foot. Needless to say, fashion is not always paired with comfort. The insole of your heel may have limited padding or cushion to keep your feet from rubbing or becoming irritated with impact.


Shoe inserts or cushions/pads are a great way to not only reduce friction by making your shoes fit better, they provide support and comfort to the pressure points within your shoe.


Solemates have another amazing 3-in-1 product, Shoe Essentials, that’s actually a must have for every pair of heels you own and life-saver for your feet! This essentials kit takes your high heels from unbearable to wearable, instantly.

solemates high heel cushion pads



The Solemates Shoe Essentials includes:


  1. Ball of Foot Cushion that pads and provides relief and foot stability the most impacted part of your foot (the ball) to reduce sliding.


  1. Heel Cushions that provides protective support and reduces the shoe to heel friction that causes most blisters.


  1. Anti-Skid Pads: Provide Traction for the underside of your heel to prevent twisting and sliding due to heel imbalance on slippery surfaces.


You can check out Solemates Shoe Essentials here.


I invest a lot in my shoe collection, so it’s a no brainer that I invest in my comfort and enjoyment of wearing those shoes! I literally have one for every pair of heels I own. Your feet will thank you.


Reducing Sweat Will Prevent High Heel Blisters

Another neat trick that can also help in addition to a great blister blocker or insole pads is an antiperspirant. Not to be confused with anti-deodorants, antiperspirants reduce sweating. Applying one to your feet before putting on your heels can reduce the sweat that leads to sliding feet and ultimately blisters. We do recommend you have a separate antiperspirant for your feet and for your armpits, unless you enjoy smelling like feet!


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