How to Postpone Your Wedding

We've received so many notes from brides, graduates, event planners, florists, photographers, and customers expressing their sorrow over having to cancel their wedding/graduation/party.  We're heartbroken over this reality but know it is just a temporary setback for long term happiness. 

In order to stay on top of the postponement, we've created a guide to help you get through these difficult days.


(1) Wedding Insurance.

Did you have it? Your insurance policy could dictate a lot of what you are liable and not-liable for, but understanding it can sometimes require a degree in latin.  Consult the insurer and consult a lawyer to make sure the fine print is understood. Consider the following:

  • How much of the total wedding cost does your policy cover, and does it cover postponement or cancellation costs or change fees?
  • What circumstances are covered in the event your need to postpone or cancel—natural disasters, travel cancellations due to weather, personal circumstances like sickness or injury, global health crises, etc.?
  • What if the honeymoon needs to be canceled or postponed—will the insurance costs cover this?

(2) Contact the Venue, Vendors + Suppliers. 

If you are working with a wedding planner, they can likely help with a lot of this.  Mind you, they are likely canceling a lot of events right now, so be sure to assemble a punch list of the key people to call or email.  Again, because cancelations are so abundant right now, make sure to receive a printed confirmation from each contact. Dot every i.

Online resources suggested the following template to open the dialogue: 

Dear [Vendor Name],

We are reaching out because we have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding, set to take place on [date]. We recognize we had a contract in place with your team to provide [service]. We’d like to set up a time to discuss next steps and alternative dates you may have available. Thank you for working with us during this challenging time, and we hope to speak soon.

Sincerely, [Couples Names]

(3) Contact your guests. 

An email is more than appropriate right now; and you are under no obligation to have a new date, venue or any details surrounding the 2.0 date.  There are a number of online resources that you can leverage to create a beautiful card indicating your need to postpone. 


Postponing Your Wedding

(5) Hotel Blocks

Be sure to contact your hotel(s) as well and remind your guests to do the same.

(4) Look forward to setting a date

Try not to think of this as a set-back (I know it is), but think of it as a chance to clean up the details of the wedding you had been planning.  Maybe you want a smaller/larger wedding afterall? You are allowed to change the numbers. You are allowed to change the venue (contracts will vary), you are allowed to try new colors and flowers and personal elements.  Did you have a beach wedding in mind? Maybe you really want a mountain wedding? Did you have a jet-set crowd traveling to the Amalfi coast? Maybe you just want to elope and plan for an over-the top honeymoon instead. Turn the loss into a gain; you are gaining more time to create the perfect day.

(5) Set a new date!

We know that many Spring/Summer 2020 brides have chosen to move to 2021, and if you fall into that camp, look forward to sending out another (digital) announcement with paper to follow with the information.  Not only will this feel good on your end, but it will give your guests a chance to look forward to something.  We all look forward to that!

Consider sending the guests a pair of Solemates to remind them to get their party or dancing shoes ready.  We've had a few celebrity brides do it, and the response has been amazing!! 

To make it affordable, we're offering 25% off large orders or 25% gift cards if you want to take advantage of the offer before the wedding.  email or call us at 1-877-356-3443 for more information! 

Rescheduled Wedding invite

(6) Celebrate anyway

On the date that you had to cancel, try to plan something special for you and your betrothed.  If social distancing guidelines have relaxed by then, you can also include family and a few friends.  Open some bottles of champagne and give yourselves a toast. Your wedding was a casualty of a global pandemic, and this is a date that you will never, ever, forget. 


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