How To Pick Your Wedding Color (And Not Regret It!)

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Picking your wedding color can be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to the big day. You can very quickly go from Martha Stewart to Big Apple circus if you aren't careful. But we have a few great tips, thanks to the experts at HomeAway, about how to pick your wedding colors. 

Pick colors that fit your theme

If you are having a beach wedding in August, you probably don't want to choose a dark red. You need to look at your venue and consider your theme. Also keep in mind any cultural or traditional considerations you need to adhere to.

Know the lingo

Most people pick three colors for their wedding: a main dominant one plus two complimentary ones. But you need to know what different color terms mean when you talk to a wedding planner. 

Analogous: Three colors which are side by side on the color wheel.

Complementary: Two colors that are opposite eachother on the color wheel.

Monochromatic: A color hue that is based on a single color in different shades. 

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Know what colors mean

Bolder colors create more of a dramatic mood while lighter colors add romance to the atmosphere.

Think of your bridesmaids

You should always pick a color you love for your wedding, but if your color resembles that of vomit please don't make your bridesmaids wear a dress in that color. 

The stats on colors

Just know that blue, purple and green are the most popular colors for weddings (blue leads the pack.) But according to The Perfect Pallate, the big colors for weddings this spring will be mint, yellow and coral.

And know that a pair of Solemates High Heelers, goes perfectly with every wedding color! 

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