How to Organize your closet (5 Tools that will change your life)

The challenge of time is knowing how to best spend it.  

The challenge of space is knowing how to best to use it.

*Spoiler* I am not going to explain the space-time continuum or expand on Einstein's theory. 

I am going to give you tips on how to organize the most painful of closets with a few magical, potentially life saving tools that you can buy right on Amazon! 

How big is your closet? Is it massive? Perfectly organized? Custom shelved to fit your boots, sneakers, heels and sandals?  Mine is not.  I have lived in several different homes and apartments and there has been one constant: my shoes had nowhere to go.  

Shoe Closet

Below I will go over the best practices that we have garnered from our wide-network of shoe lovers and shoe organizers. 

(1) Problem: The Teeny Tiny Apt

We have all been there (some of us might still be there). You fell in love with the location, the light, the kitchen or the rental price; but it did not have a dream closet. You thought "I can make do"...but now you have shoes in your oven and lining your bathroom walls. It's not ideal.  

Solution: Over the door.  Simple. Tried and true. Worth revisiting. 

Hanging shoes over the door is brilliant because it does the following:

(1) reduces your footprint in small spaces

(2) lets you see all of your shoes at once

(3) keep you honest.

This set uses clear pockets which we love because you will see all of your shoes and know which ones are getting worn and which ones may be ready to be sold or donated.

Check out our favorite here

Over the door

(2) Problem: The Closet without form

The closet that looks big enough but just can't be augmented to take on more.  It's deep but hard to get in the back of; wide but really maximized for clothes. And the door is already holding your mirror, so you need another solution.

Solution: The hanging shoes like a piece of clothing rack.  

We love this one because unlike over the door or traditional hanging racks, this is a single row of shoes that can be placed and moved anywhere you need it.  Many hanging shoe racks are wide and bulky (and if we had that much room, we probably wouldn't need the solution to begin with)!.  

Our favorite is here.  Get a few and space them out; use them to divide clothing sections in your closet. 

Hanging Skinny Shoes

We would encourage anyone using a rack to also try shoe sachets or of course our Anti-Bacterial spray (keep one in a pouch).

(3) Problem: The high bar closet

The closet is a good size for clothes, but not enough room for anything more. The bar is hanging particularly high so the floor is a great space for storage.  We love these closets. 

Solution: The floor rack. 

The simple, expandable (very important) rack is a favorite because your shoes are visible in plain site and styles can be grouped together.  We encourage sneakers on the bottom and flat on the top, which heels below and booties below them.  Stacking shoes by style will help you keep a strong sense of order and remind you when you need a new pair! :) 

Shoe Floor Rack



If you're closet just can't be molded to take on your shoes, there are a lot of really amazing pieces that can be used to hold them instead. 

Here are some favorites: 

I am absolutely obsessed with pieces that can be multi-purposed. If you live in a small space and can always use extra seating or an extra table top, this is for you! 

It's beautiful, holds tons of shoes, and can be whatever piece of furniture you need! Also, its available in multiple colors (or you can paint it)!

Shoe Storage Chest

This is the grand-dame of shoe storage and if you have space for it, I can't say enough positive things about it.  It's even a dream for a mud-room or a garage.  The piece can be stacked, sat on, and used to hold more than shoes, if you need more cubby holes for knick knacks (keys, tools, batteries, etc).   Check it out here 

 Cubby Storage

 What do you think? How are you storing your shoes? Do you prefer to see them in your closet? In a stand alone piece or under the bed? 







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